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Day 1 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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I'm gonna share with you my 7D6N Taiwan Trip experience!

Summary for Day 1:
02.40pm : Arrival at Terminal 2, Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei)
04.30pm : Meatball Mee Hoon @ Hairei Gong Wan, Hsinchu (摃丸米粉@ 海瑞贡丸, 新竹)
05.30pm : Betelnut Beauty @ Miaoli Sanyi (檳榔西施@苗栗三義)
07.00pm : Fengjia Hsinsu (逢甲新宿)
08.00pm : Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

Do bear with me as this is gonna be a long long post!
And it is just DAY 1!

Gosh! I love Taiwan!

Check in luggage!

**FYI - Save Money Tips** 
- Check in with the least amount of weight, 15kg! 
- Or even share the luggage weight if the ticket book together
- Upgrade the weight 4 hours before your return flight 

Yup, I took Air Asia X in the morning flight! 
The flight ticket costs me RM822 including luggage, seats etc.
Departure: 10am Arrival: 2.40pm

Freaking 4 hours 40 minutes! :S 

The only thing to do - eat!
**FYI - Save Money Tips** 
Perhaps you might wanna consider pre-book the meal! (cheaper!)
After eat, sleep!
Otherwise the clock will be ticking too slow!

First thing to do after arriving at Taipei Airport - Buy local sim card!
The local telco counters are all located inside the airport.

I chose Chunghwa Telco as the plan suits me the best.

Plan D -NTD500
- 7 days unlimited data
- NTD150 airtime balance

Signal is strong in most of the places.
But a few of you subscribed will do.
Cause you can always make your phone Hot-Spot and share data.
Besides, Taiwan's major city all full of free Wi-Fi!

This is the Taoyuan International Airport.
All of the Airasia X flight will be at Terminal 2.

Half of our trip, we engaged with the driver guide, Mr. Lim.
He's friendly and joke with us a lot! =D
We paid him around NTD3100 per person for the whole trip.
I wouldn't say it is the cheapest but definitely hassle-free.

Uncle Lim

Looks cloudy even though it is summer season!

Scooters everywhere in Taiwan!

Meatball Mee Hoon @ Hairei Gong Wan, Hsinchu 
(摃丸米粉@ 海瑞贡丸, 新竹)

One of the most famous meatball shop!

I always thought meatball mee hun mixed together.
But in fact, they are two separate dishes.

Minced meat bee hun - NTD50 per pax

Don't be fooled by the plain and dry bee hoon!
Actually it was tasty when you mixed well with the minced meat.

You should try their specially made chilies too!

Meatball (3pcs) - NTD35 per pax

Like the Taiwanese always said...
The meatball is juicy and springy! 
The best among all that we tested through out the trip.

Full of people. Mostly tourists.
I have read about it, some said only tourist would go.

Betelnut Beauty @ Miaoli Sanyi 

Penang and betelnut somehow related!
So of course... 
Penanglang must meet the Betelnut Beauty! hehe! =D

One of the Must-See-In-Taiwan would be the betelnut beauty!
They are usually in seducing outfit and in the neon-lit glass booth.

Lucky for us, we met a decent one! =D

Pretty isn't it? =D

Well, Mr. Lim treated us the Mr.Brown coffee.
As you know chewing betelnut can cause cancer!

Homestay @ Fengjia Hsinsu (逢甲新宿)

Fengjia night market is just right below of our homestay.
Perfect place to stay!

This is our nicely decorated room! 
However, it is a bit different from what we see from their website.

R13 - 南洋峇里

Room for 2
Normal day - NTD990
Peak day - NTD1400

Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

This is the downstairs of my homestay.

Entrance towards the Fengjia Night Market! *excited*

You will see a lot of stalls selling prawns and oysters.

Too bad I'm allergic to prawns, so have to skip this! >.<

Charcoal Roasted Chicken Fillet (雞排)

One of the common food in Taiwan would be the chicken fillet (雞排).
Different flavors and cooking styles.

Tempting! =D

Lamb Skewers (羊肉串)

Chicken, pork or lamb?

1 for NTD30 and 4 for NTD100

Then the must-drink is Papaya Milk (木瓜牛奶) - NTD45
You will see it almost everywhere!
No wonder Taiwan girls are hot! XD

Seeee! Whole street full of food!
You don't even know where to start with! 

Girls would definitely go this!
Like the tagline written - Best Place for Trendy Bags!

Full house!
While for me, standing outside while carrying all the big big shopping bags! >.<

The streets full of lights mainly from the signboard of the shops. 

One side selling clothes, one side selling food!
That's how all your money gone! TT

While waiting, this stall attracted me - Golden Thief! 

Well it is actually squid!
In Chinese, squid is called 乌贼.
And 贼 means thief! So it is the Golden Thief! =D

See! Taiwan artists - 郭彥甫 (Guo Yan Fu) & 郭彥均 (Guo Yan Jun) came before too!

Deep fried squid with cheese topping and sweet & sour sauce!
One set - NTD75

Golden Barbeque German Pork Knuckle - NTD100

Well you should know, pork knuckle full of collagen which is good for beauty. =p

See the red meat? Slurrppppp!!

Somehow I took it home only eat and it is no longer warm!
So it is advisable to eat it instantly if you do not want the skin to be hardened.

Portuguese Egg Tart (葡撻) - 4pcs - NTD100

Fengjia Night Market is too big that it covers a few lanes!
So probably one night wouldn't be enough to cover all.

Well, we walked until the night market closed which is around 1am.
Honestly, I almost can't feel my lethargic legs! So tired!

Total spending for Day 1: 
NTD (500+3100+85+990+100+45+75+100+45+100) = NTD4995

Fengjia Night Market definitely has

So much to see & so much to eat!!

That's basically my Day 1 for my 7D6N Taiwan Trip!
Stay tuned for the upcoming days! =D

Day 1 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

Day 4 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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  1. I also allergic to seafoods. :(.. Looking forward for more of your Taiwan posts. =D

    1. hehe thank you thank you! =D

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  2. Wah first day only alrdy spend almost rm500! :P

    1. hahaha aiyo include the transport for whole trip mahhh. =p

  3. waaaaaaaa! i want go so badlyyyy! my friend told me, just eat at night market also enough de :X and and did you found ur july there? :P

    1. yessss! stay there a week u wil be fat! haha

  4. I'm always going around to hunt the Betelnut Beauties whenever I'm in Taiwan, but I've only managed to catch them once. They're real sexy!!

    1. lol. wow! i thought they are everywhere? especially in taichung!
      and yupppp. but they also earn for living.. so really respect them..

  5. Wahhhhhh I want to go Taiwan too !! After reading your post, my spirit to go Taiwan is getting stronger !!! I wish I can try all the food u captured here.... *Drooling so badly*

    Btw u not bad mah, sweet secret huhh ~ XDDDD

    1. loll u shud definitely goooo!! =D

      what sweet secret?lol

  6. Great post! Can't wait to read more about your 7D6N trip cause we're going on November. Need all the tips we can get :)

    1. thankss! i will try to write as detail as possible! =D

  7. Wah! Seldom see you post this long! I see u eat more then me oh!!! I miss Taiwan's food and shops!!!! So damn cheap right?! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    1. hahaha ehhh u really know me well la!! touching!!
      haha compare to ur japan.. then ofcourse cheap lo! =p

  8. So so temptingggggggg

  9. I'm the worst tourist ever. I won't dare to try street food and always opt for meals in a decent restaurants. Reason? Scared of food poisoning >_<

    1. mum u need to eat more dirty food to make ur body stronger! =D ur body will build antibody after a few times of food poisoning.. then u are immune to them ad. =p

  10. Wow! So details. :D
    I wish can graduate and posting fast! And earn money then can go around the world! :)

    1. thanks! sure you can! start saving now! =D

  11. I love taiwan too! Why u no bring me? XD

    1. haha aiyo i also tag along with others only. haha

  12. hungry die already after finish reading ur post!! ahh...i love Guo Yan Jun hehe!

    1. hhaha paiseh to make u hungry.. can u actually differentiate guo yan jun and guo yan fu? lol

  13. hi may i know how many ppl in ur trip??

  14. Hi

    May I know how you book your taichung accomodation? Thank you

    1. hi we contact them thru email and whatsapp. =)

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  17. Hello may I know how u travels from one place to another place? By MRT or the driver guide Mr Lim? using map? any advice since it would be my 1st time going ter. Thank you.

    1. Hi Josephine,

      Within taipei we travel ourselves by MRT and bus.
      Other than that, we engaged the van service.


  18. HI, may i know which month u traveled to Taiwan??

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  26. Wooow! Such complete guide! Super cool! I was a couple of week ago in Taipei! Here you can find my 2 post about what to do in the capital of Taiwan:

  27. Loved all the photos. Taiwan is our favourite of all the places we have visited. Now I really want to go back!!

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  30. I miss Taiwan food so much!
    Wish to go again for food hunting!

  31. Wahh. Mahal juga yer perecutian ke sini. Baru hari pertama. Hehe. Post dan tip yang baik untuk sesiapa yang nak berkunjung ke Taiwan :)

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