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PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang

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People say the best thing ever to start-off your lazy weekends is a yummy brunch! So, I'm gonna introduce you the good one ;) PLATES - the breakfast & brunch restaurant, has just opened on April 2015, it is the sister restaurant of INCH Bar, which located at the front part of the bar. As INCH bar is for relaxing night time, PLATES is exclusively for tummy-pampering day time. PLATES has amazing brunches, the good news is they are having promotion now!

my PLATES of Brunch!

All weekends of April 2015: 
**ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK BUBBLY + any breakfast item for only RM80**

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy brunch which is kinda the same thing

The term BUBBLY simply means sparkling wine, PLATES serves CAVA Noche Y Dia Yellow Label, the friendly waiters will refill your glass promptly (bottomless for the RM 80 April promotion). It is not common to eat brunch with wine in Malaysia but it is very common in western countries, thanks for the invitation, this was actually our first time joining the brunch + bubbly culture too! :D 

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Free Flow BUBBLY

If you read our previous post about INCH, then this Tiffany Blue restaurant would be familiar to you. So, I'm not gonna repeat the same thing about the environment, let's proceed to the yummy brunches! All the foods serving at PLATES are not too oily, not over-seasoning, and with pleasant presentation, our joyous Sunday was started with these lovely boozy brunches ;)

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
PLATES & INCH restaurant exterior

Plates Brekkie is a fulfilling brunch which comprising of toasts, chicken sausage, cherry tomatoes, hash brown, kidney beans, button mushrooms, and 2 poached eggs. We love their crispy golden hash brown and the button mushrooms were well-marinated, they were so flavourful. Another good thing is PLATES serves poached eggs instead of fried eggs made me feel less guilty :D

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Plates Brekkie - RM 19

The American favourite brunch - Eggs Benedict is serving at PLATES too! It consists of 2 halves of English muffin, topped with portobello mushroom, asparagus, poached eggs, smoked salmon, and a drizzle of Hollandaise sauce. They substitute smoked salmon with bacon has lower the calories and it still taste beautifully.

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Eggs Benedict - RM 19

PLATES is quite a healthy brunch restaurant, they are serving 3 types of yummy salads! Duck Salad is not easy to find in Penang, but you should try this. It consists of smoked duck breast, crispy leek, turkey bacon, julienne apple, orange dressing. This Duck Salad is definitely delicious.

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Duck Salad - RM 18

Lyonnaise Salad is a great combination of egg, beef bacon, croutons, cherry tomatoes, and honey mustard dressing. It was delectable with the crispy croutons, crunchy greens and and runny poached egg. I like this salad so much, but too bad I don't take beef, can they offer an alternative for beef bacon? :D

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Lyonnaise Salad - RM 16

Tuna Kataifi Salad is red tuna coated with kataifi (traditional Greek shredded pastry) paired with rocket and kimchi. Yes, MUST-TRY! I would say this is the best salad I've ever had! The kataifi was so crispy it complement the fresh and subtle flavours of red tuna well! Furthermore, the rocket and kimchi sides make the whole dish even tastier! It was heavenly good!

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Tuna Kataifi Salad - RM 18

The portion of Meatball Sandwich looks a bit small to me, but I think you will feel fulfilling after eating all the meatballs. Beef meatballs, melted cheese, rocket, and gherkin aioli are sandwiched between 3 pieces of crusty bread. Other than meatball sandwich, PLATES is also offering burger and french toast.

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Meatball Sandwich - RM 14

There are 4 types of pasta in the menu of PLATES, and we tried 3 types. Meatball Pomodoro is spaghetti with tomato sauce, beef meatballs, basil, sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. This was a disappointing pasta, as it was a bit dry to our liking. However, the meatballs are good, I think it would taste better with more sauce.

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Meatball Pomodoro - RM 16

PLATES's Prawn Pasta is an aglio olio style pasta, with added spices like cili padi and green chili. Yes, it was spicy, but the pasta was light and refreshing, plus the succulent big prawns, it makes a pleasant guilt-free brunch!

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Prawn Pasta - RM 16

Among all the 3 pastas, I personally fancy Chicken Spinach Pasta the most. It is tagliatelle pasta served with grilled mustard chicken, spinach, cream sauce, onions, and cherry tomatoes. This pasta was creamy and rich, nicely incorporated with spinach makes me feel healthy! I didn't know spinach could make wonders on a creamy pasta.

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Chicken Spinach Pasta - RM 16

It's kind of good idea to start your lazy weekends with something sweet right? You might want to try their Pancakes, which equally good for brunch or dessert! The light and fluffy pancakes serve with apple compote, fresh strawberries and blueberries, maple syrup, crumble, mascarpone cream, goes perfectly with maple syrup! 

PLATES @ Lebuh Muntri, Penang
Pancakes - RM 16
Having BUBBLY and brunch for leisurely indulgence is no longer confined to hotel cafes lounge, now you can have it at PLATES! We did enjoyed our boozy brunches, although I'm not a drinker but the BUBBLY was great with their foods. Don't worry if you don't drink, you can still opt for their tea, coffee, soft drinks, fresh juices or milkshakes :D

Gwendolyn & Henry @ PLATES

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday (Closed on Tuesday)
10 am - 3 pm

For Reservation:
04-261 1693

Other info:
Pork-Free /Free Wifi
All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% GST

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