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Soju Mansion Party @ Soju Room Penang Times Square

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Woohoo~~ It's about the party again! If you noticed, I would only go club when there's a special party. The last one would probably be Halloween Party at Soju Room Penang Times Square. So this time is the Soju Mansion Party at Soju Room Penang Times Square as well. And guess who's the one that attracted everyone to the party? Read on you will know! HEHE!

Let's start the Soju Mansion Party!

Performance by CASH Band - Flip Hair by the guy
The party started with the performance by CASH Band while the night was still very young. Actually I keep wondering why would the male performers dye part of their hair gold. Well, look at that guy in the photo, that hair is for him to perform flip hair! Fuh so yeng huh!  

Soju Room Penang - Black Label for the night
I guess I must be aging already, I can't drink much, I can't even stand for the whole night! Luckily I went with friends that could "cho siao" (go crazy), my night was filled with laughter and joy. The front part was a bit boring for us.. I mean for guys... straight guys... because....

Soju Room Penang - Some hot muscular guys
Now you know what I mean right, these are the eye candy for the girls! Not Asian muscular guy but some Caucasian muscular guys wey! If you think that this session just gonna end there, then you are wrong! There's more to come!  

Soju Room Penang - And more!
Soju Room Penang - And even more!
I bet those girls definitely enjoyed to the max! These guys are definitely good in strip-teasing! Too bad not for me! But what's coming up next definitely suit my appetite! Starting with....

Soju Room Penang - Sassy Girls
The Sassy girls really surprised us with their acrobatic performance! Do a stretch or split on the floor is already like super hard, she did it high up in the air with two clothes withholding her body weight? That's crazily awesome! 

Next, you have to watch this video! 
Animals - Maroon5

Seriously?! This was like the funniest part of all! I like it when they mixed in some of the latest songs, after all they have to cater to different type of people, especially weird one like me! But this Animals brought it to the whole new level when the dancers with animal mascot came up! Especially that pig head! XD

Here comes the reason why everyone wants to go!

DJ Janice D! 

Soju Room Penang - DJ Janice D (Photo Taken from Soju Room FB)
Soju Room Penang - DJ Janice D
Soju Room Penang - DJ Janice D
Did you know, DJ Janice D is the Playboy model! It seems like now getting more and more girls becoming DJs huh? Well, I'm definitely not at the right place to comment since I really don't know anything much about clubbing world. 

Soju Room Penang - DJ Janice D
As you could see, after she came out, Soju Room Penang filled with people! I guess everyone is there to witness the Playboy model! Nevertheless, it was a fun night for me as I get to catch up with my high school friends as well! So yup that's all! Don't stop partying and live life to the fullest! =D

Till Then! ;)
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  1. Wahhhhhhhh!!!! So happening! Bet you had a jolly good time! Sighhh!!!! So nice to be young... ;)

  2. Is been a long time since I went to club xD Getting old too! But the show they perform was really nice and funny LOL



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