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Laser OPS @ 1st Avenue Mall Penang

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Have you heard of Laser Tag? It is an indoor interactive game where players attempt to score points by tagging targets and opponents with a Phasor gun. Sorry to say that I had never heard of it before Henry Darling brought me to that Laser OPS battlefield, as I am not a game nor sport person. For those game or sport persons, they must be very excited about the opening of Laser OPS in 1st Avenue Mall Penang, which located at the 3rd floor right in front of the escalator.

Laser OPS, 1st Avenue Mall Penang
Laser OPS - 3rd floor of 1st Avenue Mall Penang

I still remember we went to Laser OPS at around 10 am, so shocked that Henry Darling told me we are going to play game with laser gun, and I was so silly to ask our organizer Jazz whether this game will hurt (hahax), as I thought it is something like paintball. You know what he answered me? "yea, you will feel hurt when the laser hits you.." He said it with actions summore =.=" So does it really hurt? (worried)

Laser OPS, 1st Avenue Mall Penang
Shield and Weapon (Green Team)

Unexpectedly, I really enjoyed the whole game at Laser OPS! It was exciting, fun, and exhilarating! I've to say I love this game, as it eliminates all my concerns about sports and games such as the burning hot sunlight, hurting or painful, raining. Laser OPS provides a safe, comfortable and painless indoor play environment that is not affected by the unpredictable weather, it is definitely a great bonding activity for families, friends, or colleagues! 

Laser OPS, 1st Avenue Mall Penang
It's Me with Phasor gun (I know from top to toe, I don't look belongs there >.<)

The thrilling atmosphere of the Laser OPS maze arena is well-created by specially designed lighting, black light and smoke effects; and of course with their up tempo musics. Maximum 28 players can play simultaneously, we were divided into 2 teams which are Green Team and Red Team

I was in Red Team while Henry Darling was Green Team, meaning our team were opposing each other. But I realised that's a good thing, because that means I got 1 enemy lesser who will shoot me (evil smile*). However, you could request to be in the same team with your friends if you wish to.

Laser OPS, 1st Avenue Mall Penang
Charging Station (Green Team)

Tadaa... not bad.. still managed to get rank 5 out of so many players, oh..this is Henry Darling's score on Game 1, so where is my score right? Err... I honestly dare not to show you, hahahax.. Give you a hint, if you know how many players were there, then that number will be my rank >.< Okay la, it was my first time after so many years being a non-sporting breed, I'm going to score on my second time! (where's that confidence comes from?)

Laser OPS, 1st Avenue Mall Penang
Score Sheet (Henry Darling)

For the Laser Tag game, you can choose between 1 mission or 3 missions, I personally think 3 missions are more worth, as the 3 missions are different from one another, and all are equally funLaser OPS also offer packages for events such as Birthday Party, Family Gathering, Team Building, and Corporate Event (prior reservations is required for such events).

Laser OPS, 1st Avenue Mall Penang
Pricing Information (taken from Laser OPS website)

Laser OPS, 1st Avenue Mall 
3-13, 182 Jalan Magazine, 
10300 GeorgeTown, Penang.

Opening Hours:
10 am - 10 pm (Daily)

For Reservations:
+6 04-2519092

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  1. Oh? I thought you were going to talk about some surgery using laser. Thank goodness, nothing of the sort.

    1. haha definitely not! but not sure one day if any of those would ask me to blog about it! haha


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