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Phi Phi Island Tour by Speedboat @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

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If there's only one place you had to choose to go in Krabi, it has to be Phi Phi Island Tour! The tour itself is a mixture of sightseeing, swimming and snorkeling. We booked our tour from Jane & June Travel and Tour for only 700 baht per person. 

Phi Phi Island Tour by Speedboat

700 baht per pax
Inclusive of:
Round trip hotel transfer
Buffet lunch 
Fruits dessert
Bottled drinking water
Snorkeling apparatus
Life jacket

As I mentioned in my previous, because we were staying in Aonang Fiore Resort, which was quite far from the Aonang Beach, the truck from the travel company actually came to pick us up first early in the morning at 8.15am. We were still quite sleepy and were quickly rush onto the truck.

After picking up everyone else, we were sent to Nang An Seafood Restaurant to gather. Seafood for breakfast? Nah, that's in my dream. We found that even though we were paying to Jane & June Tour and Travel but we ended up with Nang An. So perhaps they are all the same? Or they collaborate? Or Jane & June is just one of their agency? (Note that different agency charge you differently! Our new friends bought from airport for around 1000 baht per pax ended up same tour with us) So ours 700 baht was really cheap cheap

With some simple introduction and briefing by our tour guide, James, we were then brought to Noppharattara Pier to board onto our speedboat. It was starting to drizzle and the sky was really dark. I supposed with their experience, it was still safe for us to go out on Phi Phi Island Tour. But sure it is one hell of bumpy ride!

Now, if you are looking for some thrill in those theme park, like roller coaster, I am sure our ride for Phi Phi Island Tour by speedboat is similar to it. Compared to longtail boat, speed boat is bigger and fit for at least 30 pax. Unlike our Krabi 4 Island Tour by longtail which full of Caucasians, our speed boat carried more Asians. As you can see, we sat in the middle of the speedboat which we got the splash of seawater the most! So choose your seating wisely once you board on the speedboat!

The first stop was at Bamboo Island, whereby they have a wide pristine white sand and turquoise water. As the weather was not really good with all the dark clouds, most of the people just strolling along the beach and playing with water. No chance to do sunbathing for the Caucasians, hence, no sightseeing for us.   

It was super duper windy in Bamboo Island where you can see a lot of China tourists taking those photo of their long dress or scarf flying in the air. Oh wait, I thought that scene usually appears in Indian movie? Okay not being racist, everyone can do that scarf-blowing-in-wind stunt, too bad we didn't bring any of it. 

Unfortunately for us, due to the bad weather, we were told that we couldn't reach Maya Bay as the waves were too huge and dangerous. We stopped by the Viking Cave for some sightseeing of ancient wall painting and storytelling on how it used to be and now becoming the swallows bird nest sanctuary. As you can see from the photo, the water is really crystal clear like you see in those postcard!

Then the next stop we came to Bilik Lagoon. According to our tour guide, James, Bilik Lagoon uses Malay word, Bilik because the Bilik Lagoon will closes up during low tide at the entrance and makes it like a room with single entrance. But a search in the internet, I found that it is actually called as Pileh Lagoon. 

Pileh Lagoon actually located on Ko Phi Phi Lee, which is just behind of Maya Bay. As the wind and rough waves coming from the west side, the speed boat can only bring us around the east side. Pileh Lagoon is 30 meter deep, so it is a place for swimming rather than snorkeling as you probably can't see anything down there. Some private cruise stop there for party with loud music too. (like those you will see in the movie)

As for my speed boat which was filled with mostly Asians, they were all just enjoying the swim around the speedboat. No alcohol, no music and certainly no party for us. We were more like syok-sendiri, especially for me, trying to jump from the speed boat and get a nice shot of photo. 

After that, we stopped at Ao Tonsai Pier at the main Phi Phi Don Island for lunch. The buffet lunch was included in the package and served at P.P Maiyada Restaurant. The food was quite standard without a wide selection like those that you would expect in 5 Stars hotel, but everyone were starving after the swim, so buffet lunch definitely still suits the most.  

After that we were given some time to walk around the Phi Phi Don Island which mainly full of restaurant and hotels. So perhaps if you are staying longer in Krabi, definitely should choose to stay a night or two in Phi Phi Island as well. With that, you are only able to slowly enjoy the moment of relaxing. Ours were more like rushing from place to place so that we can complete all the attractions included in the tour. 

After the lunch, we were brought to Monkey Beach as well, whereby you will see a lot in those Krabi travel video in Youtube. We were not interested with monkey so we didn't take any photos at all. Besides, we have Monkey Beach in Penang as well. For the last stop before our Phi Phi Island Tour ends, we were brought to another open water snorkeling. I am not sure about the exact location, but again, due to the weather, we were told that there's not much to see. 

As this was our last snorkeling trip, baby and I took quite a lot of photos here. The water are definitely crystal clear, not forgetting to mention super salty. But it was the first time for baby to do snorkeling and I am glad to be the one guiding her! 

Unlike our previous day, here we could see more corals and different type of fishes and even lots of sea urchins! We could not locate any Nemo (clownfish), Lionfish or even Puffers, but fishes like Butterflyfish, Damselfish, Angelfish and Parrotfish could still be spotted near the corals. 

Again, we were being told that feeding is prohibited in national park because of protection and preservation. But still we see other tourist bringing their own food to feed, perhaps that's the only way to attract all the fish to him. Of course, thanks to him, we get to see school of fish, mainly sergeant major, like the ones we saw in our Krabi 4 Island Tour.

With an hour of stop here and there, pretty soon it came to an end of our Phi Phi Island Tour. As usual, we were sent by the truck back to our hotel at around 4pm. Overall, I think Phi Phi Island Tour definitely worth it, especially we were only paying 700 baht per person (lowest that I have surveyed). So again, baby and I agreed that this has to be our Top Recommended place to go!

What to bring:
Cash for National Park entry fee (400 THB / adult and 200 THB / child)
Swimming suits
Appropriate footwear 
Adequate sun protection (Waterproof sunblock, sunglasses and hat)
Beach towel
Waterproof bag

(Place we went to book our package)
They are actually a Massage Center that selling tour package too!

Till then! Stay tuned to next post:
Alisea Boutique Hotel @ 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

Meanwhile, check out our Youtube video too!

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