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The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016

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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Krabi Trip 2016! Since I have shared most of the posts on the places we went, food we ate and things we did in our 5D4N Krabi Trip 2016, so here's a wrap which include our itinerary and expenses list! (FREE Downloadable 5D4N Krabi Trip Itinerary PDF at the end of the post!)

5D4N Krabi Trip 2016

Like Chinese saying goes, "Changes run faster than plans (计划赶不上变化)". Our actual trip didn't follow exactly according to our pre-plan itinerary due to some unforeseen circumstances. However, I will try to share all below. Be patient and read on! 

Day 1: 

We took flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur and from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi. The flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur was delayed a little bit, so we had to inform the flight attendant to allow us to sit in the front row so that we can exit first and get to our next connecting flight. However, when we boarded on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi, the airplane has some technical issue and we had to re-board to another airplane.  :S

The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016
The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 - Waiting to re-board to another airplane
So a little bit of delayed here and there, we arrived in Krabi International Airport at 6.30pm Thailand time (Initial ETA 4.50pm). Luckily getting through the immigration was pretty smooth as there were not many people. The first thing we did was to get a SIM card with data plan. We bought DTAC data plan (without calling plan) SIM card for 7 days at the cost of 200 baht. Quite cheap right?

The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 -
The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 - We bought our minivan ticket here

Initially we plan to get ourselves private taxi service which it would costs 600 baht per taxi. However, when we were at the counter, we got to know that there's joint minivan service as well which costs 200 baht per person. At the point of time, the van was only lacking another 2 persons to depart, so we ended up joining the van and save 200 baht

7.30pm - Checked in Aonang Fiore Resort

Aonang Fiore Resort is a new hotel in Krabi, so the van driver actually not sure where it is so we were the last couple to drop off. We also ended up guiding him to the hotel with Google Map on our phone! (luckily I bought data plan already!) But things got better from there when we arrived at Aonang Fiore Resort.

The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 -
The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 - Our comfortable hotel room
The warm welcoming from the staff of Aonang Fiore Resort, the awesome surrounding of the hotel and the comfortable hotel room were really mood boosting! But we were already starving at that time, so we headed out after leaving all our luggage in the room. We chose to walk along the main road to get familiar with the place.  

The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 -
The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 - first day dinner
As I mentioned in my post about Kdai 69 Halal Food, we actually went to Jungle Kitchen first then only found out there were full of people and only accept upon reservation. So it was just a random dinner at Kdai 69 Halal Food and followed by trip-surveying along the road. 

The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 -
The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 - 500 baht for 4 Island Tour
As we went during low season, not many shops were open at night so we ended up just compared between a few shops. But I still think it is wise not to book online or at the airport for the trip packages. We bought ourselves the 4 Island Tour by longtail boat for 500 baht per person from The Leaf Guest House & Tour. After that we dropby 7-11 opposite Aonang Fiore Resort for our supper and also breakfast the next day. 

Day 2: 
8.30am - Krabi 4 Island Tour by Longtail

We woke up early in the morning as we were too excited for our Krabi 4 Island Tour. After taking simple breakfast that we bought from 7-11 last night, we headed to lobby to wait for the tour van. Be sure that you prepare everything that needed including sun block, sunglasses, towel, 400 baht (national park) and a happy mood to enjoy

The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 -
The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 - See her excited face!
Again, we strongly recommend you to take longtail boat for your Krabi 4 Island Tour to enjoy a different experience from speedboat. Personally, I think it was not as bad as how others described in the internet. And I think the sand bar connecting between Koh Tup and Koh Mor during low tide was really fascinating, after all I'm the kind of person that treasures the wonder of our mother earth! 

The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 -
The Ultimate Guide To Krabi Trip 2016 - Food for the eyes? 
Oh ya! Be adventurous and courageous to dive into the seawater too! At first we were too cautious not to jump into the sea because of the rough wave. But as soon as we get used to it and enjoying ourselves, it was already time to go back. So yeah, be brave and enjoy the moment!

After the Krabi 4 Island Tour, we went back to hotel for a short one hour rest. Then we headed out to Ton Ma Yom Thai Restaurant for dinner again. Unlike Jungle Kitchen, we had made reservation thru Ton Ma Yom Facebook Page, so there's no disappointment.    

Ton Ma Yom Thai Restaurant was able to successfully impress us with their mouth-watering dishes which we think that they truly deserve the high rating and ranking in TripAdvisor. It is totally worthwhile for me to do all my intensive research before the trip! 

After the dinner, we went all the way to Aonang Beach for a walk. It was a super windy night and drizzling as well. So we just did a quick window shopping along the Aonang Beach. Most of the things were more expensive as it get closer to Aonang Beach. Places that near to our hotel, which is a bit far from the Aonang beach will be much cheaper. Of course, it strongly depends on your negotiation skill as well to further cut down from the display price. 

Again, after surveying and comparing shop to shop, we found this shop - Jane & June. It was also recommended by the KL couple that we met in van & Ton Ma Yom. It was only 700 baht per person for the Phi Phi Island Tour by Speedboat. That's the cheapest we came across so far! As you may see the friendly lady in the photo, she's the mother of Jane & June!

We also went for a full body massage at Jane & June as well for 200 baht per person. It seems like the lowest for full body massage that we have seen so far is 200 baht, so it is quite standardized I supposed.  However, we think that the full body massage at Jane & June was not good enough. (Not as good as those that we went in Bangkok) As usual, after the massage we went to 7-11 before heading back to hotel.

Day 3: 

8.15am - Phi Phi Island Tour by Speedboat

For our day 3, we went for Phi Phi Island Tour. The biggest regret we had would probably be going at the wrong time. It was low season with bad weather, we were not able to get anywhere near to Maya Bay which is the biggest attraction spot for Phi Phi Island Tour

Nevertheless, we did enjoyed ourselves. It was not too bad too as we still managed to go snorkeling and swim with the fishes. Well, I would strongly advise you to go for toilet whenever there is any available. I'm not sure if is just me, but I could not release it in the sea. I ended up holding in my pee and waited for an hour of speed boat ride back to Aonang. It was really a suffering experience!  

5.00pm - Check In Alisea Boutique Hotel

The third day was also the day that we changed to another hotel - Alisea Boutique Hotel that near to Aonang beach for a different experience. I can't tell you how much we were looking forward to Alisea Boutique Hotel for their private rooftop bathtub

Day 4: 

According to our initial plan, we were supposed to go for Emerald Pool, Hot Spring and Tiger Cave. But due to the heavy rain, we decided to just stay in and hang out around Aonang. 

There are some road side stalls nearby to our hotel at Alisea Boutique Hotel. There were not many shops open early in the morning, so we tried out the street food as breakfast. Nothing spectacular to be honest, but we had some simple fried chicken, curry chicken with yellow rice and basil chicken rice. 

I believe for most of the Malaysian Non-Muslim, the only thing we would order in McDonalds Thailand will be their pork burger! So apparently we went to tried out their new pork burger - Kuro Buta which could add on ingredients. Guess what? We ended up paying Kuro Buta (245 baht) + Bacon (40 baht) + Cheese (50 baht) + Spinach Pie (60 baht) = 395 baht in total! Super expensive! That's like RM47.50 for a set of burger with add on spinach pie! >.<

To feel less guilty after eating heavy meal at McDonalds, we ordered fresh fruit juice at the road side stall. Unlike in Malaysia, here in Krabi it is very common to see road side stall selling fresh fruit juice blended on the spot. But do remember to ask for less sugar as they tend to be sweet.  

After the rain stopped, we went all the way from Aonang to Krabi Town. We walked along the river and took some photos along the way. There's a floating seafood restaurant by the river too but we were waiting to dine at the night market.

Unfortunately, during low season with bad weather, most of the stalls were not open yet at 5pm. I know night market means it should be operating at night, but we thought we could go for early dinner. Again no luck for us as we need to get back to Aonang before the sky turns dark. So we ended up just picking one of the few available stalls and tried their Pad Thai and Seafood Tom Yum. As you may see from the photo, they were not worth mentioning

On the way back to Aonang, we dropped by for the Charcoal Crepe. I believe many would missed out this place as the shop is not located in tourist area. Nevertheless, we got to try what we came for and satisfied with it. Our stomach were too full filling with all the generous ingredients in the charcoal crepe

After we got back to Aonang, we met up with our new friends, Nick and Tracy for surprise birthday celebration for baby. Coincidently, Tracy's birthday was on the next day too! So we went to a shop - Movenpick that selling cake for celebration. FYI, not many shop in Krabi selling birthday cake!

Day 4: 

As it was our last day in Krabi, we didn't arrange any activity except shopping for souvenirs. So after our breakfast at Hasna Seafood, we actually went to Makro Food Service which was not far away from Aonang Fiore Resort.

But surprisingly, Makro Food Service is not suitable for us as they are selling more fresh food than package food. So we changed to Tesco Lotus, which was located just next to Aonang Fiore Resort. Even though it is not a big supermarket, but we managed to buy what we want - Lays Honey Butter flavor as well as some other tidbits. 

After done all the shopping, we went back to Alisea Boutique Hotel to enjoy their facilities. It was still raining so we just enjoyed the hot water bathtub at our private rooftop balcony instead of infinity pool at the hotel. Same as any other trip, it felt like happy time pass faster, so fast we had to leave Krabi and back to working life. 

We went with 2 luggages and came back with 4. Overall, we had a memorable trip in Krabi. If there's one thing we could change, we would probably prefer to go on the right season so that weather is nice to do all the outdoor activities. Will we go back again? Probably not. Not until we have travel the whole world. But should you go? Yes, definitely! 

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The total expenses for 2 persons for the whole trip including flight and hotel is RM2,765. The exchange rate at the point time was RM1,000 for THB8,340. 

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