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Hua Hee Seafood Restaurant @ Sungai Ara, Penang

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As you may know, yours truly grew up in Sungai Ara like as if this is my territory. 😂 So, whenever there is any new shops, I would want to find out more. Speaking of which, Hua Hee Restaurant is the newest addition in Sungai Ara. We have quite a few Chinese Chu Char/Seafood restaurant, but Hua Hee Restaurant is the only one with air-cond! (Air-cond is so important nowadays, given that CNY hot season is coming!)

Hua Hee Seafood Restaurant

Hua Hee Restaurant located along Tingkat Kenari which you can find it easily using Waze. Finding the shop can be quite headache as it is located at a 3-storey building with full of shop signage. But just remember that they are 2 doors next to Happy Mart. You can park your car right infront of the shop too as the parking lots at the roadside are usually full. 

As usual, we had Ambarella (Ambra) Juice just like anyone would do so at a Chu Char or seafood restaurant to kick start your appetite. We certainly need that given that we have ordered 10 dishes in total. If you read my previous post on Ambarella Smoothie Recipe, Ambarella actually is the richest known source of Vitamin C, which is about 30 times of oranges! 

So we started off with Salmon Yee Sang to celebrate early Chinese New Year! Since there's 9 of us, so we had a big plate of Salmon Yee Sang that priced at RM88, what an auspicious number. I believe some of you might be same as me where I am not a big fan of eating Yee Sang, but just for the sake of Lou Sang (prosperity toss) for abundance and prosperity in new year 2017.  

Then, the next dish is Homemade Crispy Bean Curd, which is available at Small (RM12), Medium (RM22) and Large (RM32). The soft, silky, custardy-texture of bean curd was coated with a crispy, delicious, golden crust that comes with a great flavor! Hua Hee Restaurant's homemade crispy bean curd is really special as I have never try it elsewhere, so I highly recommend you to try this

Next, we had Pandan Leaf Chicken, with Small (RM16), Medium (RM26) and Large (RM36). The pandan leaf chicken was okay, the chicken is moist, well marinated, (maybe a bit too moist as taking photo takes too much of time!), tender for sure as Hua Hee Restaurant chose the right cut of boneless chicken meat (probably chicken thigh), but certainly would tastes better if we eat it immediately after they deep-fried. Do remember to remove the toothpick though! 

We had Kong Poh Mantis Shrimp as well with the price of Small (RM18), Medium (RM28) and Large (RM38). Baby is a big fan of Mantis Shrimp, so she would not miss out on this. Their Kung Poh Mantis Shrimp is slight on the salty side and good to accompanied with rice. However, I prefer my dried chili to be stir-fried a little longer to bring out the spicier kick in Kong Poh Mantis Shrimp.

Next up, we had Baby French Bean with Salted Egg which priced at Small (RM15), Medium (RM25) and Large (RM35). Salted egg mania definitely must order as the french bean was coated with velvety layer of salted egg yolk sauce, then, generously added on with crumbled salted egg yolk! I highly recommend to try this

Then, we had Nestum Prawn at Small (RM20), Medium (RM40) and Large (RM55). This is always the common appetizing dish to order, be it Nestum Prawn, mantis prawn, squid or even chicken. The butterfly prawns were crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside which come with the fragrant of fried curry leaves. 

Petai Fried Rice! Yes, Petai is Malaysian's favorite! Okay, maybe not all. Hua Hee Seafood Restaurant is selling at Small (RM9), Medium (RM16) and Large (RM22). In my opinion, if they do it with Sambal Petai it will be super duper perfect for me! (Apparently I like spicy food) 😂

Then, here comes the Bean Sauce Red Snapper which the price will be charged according to the market price. Fresh red snapper was steamed with the bean sauce whereby the slight spiciness covered the fishy flavor, especially if you are same as me that love to eat the fatty fish belly (which could be smelly and bitter if is not cleaned and cooked properly).   

On a side note, is it just me or.... Don't you think that the fish looks like the LOL troll face? 😁

Like the saying goes, "save the best for last", we left crabs for as the last dish so that we can dig in with our bare hands! As usual, the price of the crab will be depending on the market price. We had 1kg of Signature Chili Crab and 1kg of Butter Crab with Salted Egg. The weight of each crab is roughly half a kg, which means 2 crabs each for both flavors. Hua Hee Restaurant serves Crispy Mantou (Bun) with the crab too so that you can dip with the sauce. Personally I recommend the creamy, salty, appetizing Butter Crab with Salted Egg!

Overall, we had a satisfying lunch at Hua Hee Restaurant. It is another great option to try, especially the local Sungai Ara people like me. The total bill for the 10 dishes lunch costs around RM450, which I think it is reasonable! FYI, Hua Hee Seafood Restaurant offers set lunch and also Chinese New Year Menu as well. Do check it out at their Hua Hee Restaurant Facebook Page.

Go try it NOW!

4c-1, Tingkat Kenari, 
Taman Desaria, Sungai Ara, 
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Remember to call for reservation - +60 4-637 1831

Open from 11am-2pm and 6pm to 9pm
Closed on Tuesday.

Happy food hunting! ;)
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