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Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Ipoh

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I bet everyone knows that Ipoh is famous for their Dim Sum, but guess what, it was my first time to try during our 4D3N KL Trip! So if you are same like me, probably you should try out the famous Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum which is located along Jalan Leong Sin Nam, Ipoh. We had our breakfast there and quite satisfied with what we ordered. 

Ipoh Famous Dim Sum - Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum

We drop by Ipoh for breakfast on Wednesday morning during our trip to KL. We arrived at around 9 in the morning, Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum was already full of people as expected. But we were lucky as a kind elderly Samaritan told us they were leaving and we can take their table. What a good start for our day!

Honestly, I am not really a big fan of Hong Kong Dim Sum, so I don't even know what are their names! My Cantonese too fail that I can't communicate with the people there so we just pointed at those that we want. But not to worry, they carry all the different Dim Sum from table to table for you to choose, so you can just wait to be served! 

We had most of the typical Hong Kong Dim Sum, namely, porridge, different type of dumpling, "Woo Kok" Yam Puff, black sesame soup and even chicken feet! For those who followed me closely would know that stewed chicken feet is the main thing I would order during Dim Sum breakfast! 😋

We love most of them, especially the Yam Puff which is totally different version from those in Penang. The diced meat filling inside the Yam Puff of Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum taste so much better. And of course the dumpling were amazing too!

Not all matched our taste bud though, we felt that those deep fried ones were too oily as the skin were soaked with oil like you can actually squeeze out those oil literally on the first bite. Maybe they were rushing and deep fried when the oil isn't hot enough. The other one - black sesame soup, we thought it was not as good as others claimed to be as it is too liquid to our liking. 

Nevertheless, Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum still one of the best in Ipoh and attracted so many tourists and even the locals! During our breakfast there, a family of 3 actually asked if they could share the table with us ("tap toi" in Cantonese I think). Since just two of us, we would be more than willing, most importantly, we can follow what they ordered. 😆

Parking can be a headache if you go on a weekend or peak period. I went on weekday yet it was quite full so I ended up paying RM5 and park at the car park just right beside of Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum. So to avoid disappointment, either go super early or go during non-peak period. 😄

36, Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 
Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh, 
Perak, Malaysia.

Open daily from 6am - 2pm
Closed on Thursday.

Tel: +60 16-553 3527

Till then! 
Happy food hunting! ;)
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