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Regiustea @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

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One of the most trendy drinks in Malaysia in 2017 must be the cheese tea! This cheese tea trend was believed to be originated from China, which is highly acceptable and gone viral at every single outlet! Regiustea, being the pioneer of cheese tea, opened their 3rd outlet in Queensbay Mall, Penang on 29th of July 2017!  

Grand Opening of Regiustea @ Queensbay Mall Penang

It may sounds weird at first, but the thick layer of frothy cream cheese on top of your favorite beverage will impress you with the surprisingly-matched combination. Thanks to the invitation, baby and I went for their private soft launching a day before the grand opening. We had the chance to try out some of their recommended drinks. 

According to the information in their website, Regiustea handpicked ingredients from all around the world, starting from the Japanese Yugu authentic green tea, New Zealand cheese, French light cream, and together with the excellent origin Zun goods of the original tea. Regiustea ensures that not only the tea is tasty but the health of the customers are being taken care as well. In short, Regiustea believe that healthy drink can be delicious too!

Regiustea outlet at 3rd Floor of Queensbay Mall, which is located right next to Neway. It's easy to find as you will be easily attracted by the brightly lit signage of the shop. The shop structure is quite simple, make your order, pay at the counter and wait for your number. You may choose to drink it there as table and chairs are provided as well.

 Click on the menu to enlarge.

The 8 recommended drinks are Jasmine Greentea Cheese (RM11.90), Regius Milktea with Cream (RM11.90), Signature Pearl Milktea with Pearl (RM12.90), White Peach Oolong Durian (RM13.90), Signature Chocolate (RM13.90), Sakura Strawberry (RM13.90), Regius Coffee (RM12.90) and Ujimatcha Cheese (RM13.90). 

Each of the drinks you can customized according to your personal preference, such as amount of sugar and ice. Depending to your liking, extra toppings such as cheese, durian, orea, pearl and red bean can be added as well with small charges of RM1.50 to RM2.50. 

Another specialty of Regiustea is that their cold tea are made by soaking tea leaves in cold water for eight hours (cold brewing method), which the cold water extracts slowly and selectively, hence less likely to produce the acid and caffeine. Fret not! You can still sleep soundly at night!  

Baby ordered her favorite Ujimatcha Cheese (RM13.90) while I ordered White Peach Oolong Durian (RM13.90) for the sake of trying! Regiustea make it a rule that each cheese tea has a 80:20 proportion of tea to cheese. The best recommended way to drink it is to take off the plastic cover and drink without straws. A sticker on the lid also shown that it should be drink at a 45 degree angle so that you can taste the best of both worlds - the frothy cheese and tea!

Baby loves her Ujimatcha Cheese as both the ujimatcha and cheese compliment each other well, certainly a great thirst-quenching drink! Meanwhile, my White Peach Oolong Durian impressed me the most! According to the owner, the type of durian being used is the Malaysia famous king of durian - Musang King! That explains for the pungent smell, so it's either you love it or hate it. The part that wow-ed me the most is actually the sweetness from the durian is actually being balanced by the tea. So you won't feel "jelak" (dull) eating drinking the durian and probably less guilty too! 😂

Overall, I think it is good to give it a try especially if you are cheese lover or durian lover! I am sure that I will be back to try out some other of their drinks, particularly the Jasmine Greentea Cheese and the Regius Coffee. Go try it today as there will be Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion!

3F-26, Queensbay Mall 100, 
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
Bayan Lepas 11900
(Next to Neway)

Operation hour: 10.30am-10pm (Mon-Sun)

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