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What Food To Eat At Fisherman's Wharf Penang Food Court

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The food court located along Karpal Singh Drive Penang has recently changed to a new management and also a new name, from BSP Waterfront Food Court to Fisherman's Wharf Penang Food Court (槟城渔人码头). The new name certainly sounds better and professional. Read on to find out what food to eat here! 

Fisherman's Wharf Penang Food Court can be easily found at the end of Karpal Singh Drive which is just next to McDonald's. However, the entrance and the ample parking space are located along Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong. Even though the car park is free of charge, but the management still hired security guards! 👍👍👍

Fisherman's Wharf Penang faces east with a decent sea view of Penang Strait. Many Penangites enjoy brisk walking or cycling along the Karpal Singh Drive which connected to Fisherman's Wharf Penang, so it would be convenient to take meals there.   

There are variety of food to choose at Fisherman's Wharf Penang, be it the local delights, seafood and even food from other countries! Trust me, you will have to walk around and have a look first before deciding. But be sure to remember your table number so that they can deliver it to you!

Apparently the tables and seating are a little lesser than the previous, but I felt that it is much better now given that it looks more merrier. The newly renovated lighting and decorations makes Fisherman's Wharf Penang more livelier

Baby and I went there a few times before it was being renovated. So recently we went there again recently and I have to say that we were amazed by the environment, lively, much brighter and the food stalls are more standardized. I believe you would be the same like me, cannot decide what to eat when given too many option! So this post will be a guide on what we ate!  

Special Cowboy's Double Saddles Chicken @ Burger Station

I know McDonald's is just nearby, but in case if you want to try something new and you are craving for burgers while your friends or family are not, Fisherman's Wharf Penang is the place to go! Burger Station located right at the entrance so it's easy to notice upon arrival. 

The menu was simple with just 6 burgers to choose, if you want to try the unique ones then go for Terriyaki Wasabi Chicken Burger, otherwise go for the Cowboy's Chicken Burger, or Special Cowboy's Double Saddles Chicken if you are starving!

We had Cowboy's Chicken Burger (RM7) and Special Cowboy's Double Saddles Chicken (RM12). Cowboy's Chicken Burger comes with lot of mushrooms that give different textures to the burger, while the later one comes with two layers of grilled boneless chicken thigh with cheese

Spicier Laksa @ Mr Laksa

This may not be the best Laksa in Penang but certainly good enough to ease your craving without having to wait at those touristy places. Baby like their Laksa as it is reddish, spicier and appetizing with the pineapples stripes. 

We ate the regular Laksa (RM5) with added shrimp paste (虾膏). As much as baby likes it, I prefer mine to have plenty of shredded fish and less spicy. So if you are the same like me, remember to remind the boss when you order it. 

Ice Kacang

Since the laksa was spicy for me, so we had Ice Kacang too. We don't usually eat Ice Kacang unless we just came from somewhere super hot or we just ate something spicy. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a pile of shaved ice with various ingredients added surely is attractive. I like mine with a lot of crunchy crushed-peanut which gives the fragrant and sweetness upon chewing

Char Koay Teow

Again, it may not be the best in Penang, but I reckon that it could be a temporary fix too. Good thing about this stall is that they let you choose the size of the prawns upfront as the price varies too. I don't fancy big size prawn since the flesh tends to be more tough, then be sure to get the normal size prawn upon order. 

Hong Kong Style Cheong Fun

I usually would only take Hong Kong Style Cheong Fun when we go for Dim Sum, but somehow this stall caught my attention with the various ingredients options. The one that WOW-ed me the most was the Peanut Butter Cheong Fun (RM4), but I could only be daring enough to try the Egg + Prawn Cheong Fun (RM6). 

I was surprised that Cheong Fun could be cooked together with egg, hence out of curiosity, we tried it. Basically the Cheong Fun filled with the fragrance of egg but it makes Cheong Fun thicker too. So at one point, I thought I was having steamed roti telur dipped in soy sauce. Anyhow, a good try though, next time I will be trying peanut butter one! 


By the time we were leaving, Fisherman's Wharf Penang Food Court was filled with all aged of people, be it with family or friends. I took a quick glance at what dishes most people ordered but I couldn't tell cause all are even! 

The next time we visit, I will try the colorful chairs near to the seafront or even the bar stools with candle light facing the sea at Beer Garden. Overall, I think Fisherman's Wharf Penang Food Court is much cleaner and comfortable now. Hopefully the management is able to maintain the standard.

Any food you would recommend here 
please comment below!

Till then! ;)
Happy Food Hunting!
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  1. Burger looks good. also Ice Kacang and Char Koay Teow. :)

  2. Wah... your pictures look nice especially the laksa dan ice kacang. would love to try them someday! :D

  3. Interesting place to visit and seems to offer variety of selection of food. The named of the late Karpal Singh was used ya.

  4. Everything looks good, looks tempting..looks like i want to be there soon...i love live seafood like everything want to try...

  5. Look delicious and tempting as well..
    As long as there's no pork, will try if in Penang. =D

  6. Went to penang before,I wish I knew this place. Gotta visit it next time when i go to penang. Really want to try the ice kacang

  7. Dat char kuey tiaw n laksa look so tempting

  8. wah so tempting lorh... especially laksa and char kuey teow.. you make me miss Penang so much, I always go to Penang when I studied in Merbok 2 years ago

  9. W0w so big place food heaven. Nanti I jalan kat sana boleh lah makan and review kat sini makan pun nampak sedap2.

  10. Banyak pilihan makanan sesambil menikmati view of Penang Straits. Penang memang best

  11. So many food to choose. Best tengok makanan banyak.

  12. Wahh, the ice kacang look so tempting. the place so big with nice view, got many choices. Nice sharing

  13. I will definitely go here the next time I go to Penang. Thanks for recommending the place ya.

  14. Penang mmg terkenal dgn makanan yg sedap2. Skrg lagi banyak kedai makan yg sis belum cuba. Nanti nak cuba lah kalau ke penang

  15. WOW.. Ice kacang and laksa my favourite foo and the place very nice view. thanks for sharing

  16. I love Laksa and ice kacang. sentiasa good combination. Wuwuwuwuw. tapi yang sedap selalu susah nak dapat. Nanti i tengok kat tempat ni. Should try!

  17. That ice kacang look very nice. Ah, penang. Food heaven man. Who doesn't like it to be in Penang?

  18. I totally agree with you.Well said ,thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.
    It is very helpful for me to understand more.scr888

  19. I actually appreciate your own position and I will be sure to come back here.


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