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Kirishima Japanese Restaurant @ Cititel Penang

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Best Japanese restaurant in Penang? Kirishima Japanese Restaurant is definitely in the list, at least that's what I always heard. Bae and I have always heard about Kirishima Japanese Restaurant serving the most authentic Japanese food given that they are always full of Japanese tourists. So finally we gave it a try during Bae's birthday.  

As usual, we did a thorough search on Kirishima Japanese Restaurant but there is not many information about it, not the latest one. Even their own official Facebook Page is not active either, the last post was dated back in July 31! So the closest we can get is the menu on their website. Without much info, we headed there and ordered whatever that we felt like eating.

A quick glance thru the menu, Kirishima Japanese Restaurant offers a wide variety of Japanese food and some of the rare exotic food such as Uni (sea urchin sashimi) which costs as high as RM350 and also the famous Matsuzaka Saikoro Beef at RM360. I would certainly want to try these one day! 😍

So for the time being, we only tried their cheaper option - Wagyu Saikoro Don (diced Wagyu beef on top of rice) at RM48. It's not common for us to enjoy eating Wagyu beef in Penang given the premium pricing. Since it's the birthday celebration for Bae, I would not mind to splurge on good food like this. The last time I ate Wagyu was at Miraku Japanese Restaurant back in 2014, as well as at Kizuna Japanese Restaurant back in 2013. Such a long time ago!

The Wagyu Saikoro Don that we had in Kirishima Japanese Restaurant was very flavorful due to the high-fat content or a.k.a marbling. Since it's in the form of Saikoro (diced/cubes), pan-seared to the perfection, where it's so soft that every bite releases all the juicy fats that goes so well with the rice! 😋 

We ordered the Gyoza (RM16) - pan fried dumpling as our side dishes. Compared to the Wagyu Saikoro Don, the Gyoza was less impressive, not how we would like it. We prefer it to be more crispy on the skin with more filling inside. So 6 pieces for RM16 would seems to be expensive. 

Bae got herself Sushi, Tempura and Soba Bento set for RM42. As usual, bae is a big fan of sushi, so it is a must to order sushi in Japanese restaurant. The sushi such as Unagi, Salmon and Maguro were all on par, tempura were crispy as they should be as well. 

Not many people during our visit since it's on Tuesday afternoon but overall, we still enjoyed our meal in Kirishima Japanese Restaurant. The total bill was around RM125 for the two of us, personally I think that's on the high side. But if you have never been there, perhaps you can give it a try! 

Cititel Penang, 66, Jalan Penang, 
George Town, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Opens daily 12pm-2pm and 6pm-10pm
Call 04-370 0108 to make reservation!

Till then!
Happy food hunting! 
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