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Miraku Japanese Restaurant @ G Hotel, Penang

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I have always heard about this high class, Miraku Japanese restaurant in G Hotel, Penang.
They are famous for the high quality and delicious Japanese food, but of course come with a price too.
Which was why I have yet to try it out until recently.
It was such an honor to be invited for the food review at Miraku.

It was really thoughtful from the management to prepare us all the details needed in a folder.

Then.. this flyer caught my attention...

I was wrong! Surprisingly, it isn't too expensive!
Saturday Buffet Lunch for only RM69++ for adult and RM39++ for children.
I should really check it out one day! =D

Okay.. back to my food review..

Miraku means a great place for customers to enjoy great food

Miraku is a fine dining restaurant which established under the Texchem Group of Companies. 
They are the same for Sushi King, Goku Raku Ramen, Waku Waku and even Blue Med! 
Miraku provides a truly Japanese dining and cultural experience.
Even the best and experienced chefs are directly brought in from Japan.

You could opt for the Tatami style seating too! Eat like a Japanese! =D

As usual, for the starter...

Miraku Salad - RM18 (S), RM23 (M), RM28 (L)
4 extra dressing to choose : Tomato, Wafu, Sesame, Mayonnaise RM3

We took the Large Miraku Salad. Really LARGE!
It consists of salmon, crab meat, octopus, scallop, tomato, cucumber and lettuce.
Crunchiness of the lettuce, sweetness of the crab meat and scallop, 
mixed with the soft textured salmon! Heavenly yummy! =D
The pinkish tomato dressing makes it appetizing!
A really good starter!

I believe you have seen this in my Instagram. 
If you haven't, you know what you should do. =p

Sashimi Moriawase "Matsu" - RM180
A selection of their seasonal choice which most of it are air flown sashimi!
It consists of prawns, salmon, tuna, seabass, scallop, octopus and many more! 
Most importantly, the wasabi served is handmade by the chef!
The handmade wasabi is more graininess and more intense oomph!
A little bit of it can make you go wild! LOL

Dragon Roll - RM33
Deep fried prawn roll wrapped with avocado with the topping of masago (fish roe).

A common Japanese roll that you could find it anywhere.
Personally, I never like avocado for its smell nor its creamy texture.
Miraku's Dragon Roll surprised me when I forced myself to at least try one. >.<
Well, they sliced the avocado thinly and drizzled mayonnaise on top with masago.
It covered up the smell of avocado! =D 

Saba Oshisushi - RM36
Marinated Mackerel Square Sushi

Personally, oshisushi looks nicer as it is pressed in a box to make it square.
I always like mackerel for its meltingly tender texture.

Unagi Bou Sushi - RM42
Eel Sushi Served Pole Style

One of the expensive fish would be Unagi, thanks to the rich nutrition.
Glistering sweet kabayaki sauce coated the unagi with sprinkle of sesame.
Absolutely delightful when you chew in your mouth!

Tofu Steak - RM14
Pan-fried tofu with thick sauce on hot plate

After all the raw and cold food, it's good to switch to some warm one.
Nothing spectacular to but definitely a heart warming one with the enoki mushroom.

Okay.. here comes the....

Worth shouting and screaming for~~ LOL

Kobe Beef Steak RM200/100gram

KOBE Beef weyyyy!!!
 Finally I get to try Kobe-gyu... TT
I have always been waiting to try since my last visit to Kizuna.

Since it is super expensive, each of us get to try a slice only.
Look at the Kobe-gyu texture! Layers of fat!
This must be high marbling rating
Melt in my mouth immediately, literally!!
Then I feel like flying in heaven!!!

Of course.. RM200 fly like that too! LOL
But must try I tell you! Worth it!

They know we can't get enough of it.
So here's...

Gyu Toban Yaki - RM36
See the price difference? TT

We let the chef to help to serve us.
You know la.. if tak pandai, later overcook, wasted only. Haha.
He looks very pro isn't it!

He told us that the traditional Japanese way is to grill it then only dip into the sauce.

Rib-eye served on hot plate!

Although not as yummy as Kobe-gyu, but this can temporary satisfied me too.
Look at the outcome, the color just nice! =D

Uji Matcha Ice Cream - RM12.50
After so many rounds of eating, time for dessert!
And matcha ice cream would be the most suitable!
A good combination that they use red bean as topping.

Wasabi Ice Cream - RM12.50
Must try!!! Too special!!
And they are using their handmade wasabi!
Imagine it is just typical cold and sweet ice cream,
but after you swallow, you can feel the vapors thru your nose!
Tantalizing your senses! 

Miraku Japanese Restaurant,
1st Floor, G Hotel Penang.

168A, Persiaran Gurney1st Floor, 10250 Penang  
 +604 229 8702  
Mon – Sun (Daily) : 12:00pm – 2:30pm, 6.00pm – 10.30pm   
GPS Coordinates :  5.435025, 100.312836

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  1. nomnomnom... why never bring me go? haha

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  2. Woah! My mouth literally watered! I love Japanese food! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. hahaha good! they are mouth watering food indeed!

  3. sighhh, i really miss jap food!
    need a go for this one

  4. So, it buffet or not? haha

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