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Tomyam Taste @ Golden Triangle Relau, Penang

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Recently bae and I found out this newly opened Tomyam Taste restaurant located at Golden Triangle Relau. A few times when we went by we saw quite a huge crowd so we decided to give it a try on one fine day when bae was craving for Tomyam. So if you are looking for Tomyam, read on!

Finding a carpark at Golden Triangle Relau can be quite time consuming so bae and I rarely go there unless we were craving for Pan Mee. Anyway we were lucky this time when we visited Tomyam Taste in the early evening. 

Upon entering the shop which was not crowded yet, bae and I was greeted by the waitress. She explained to us the 3 steps flow as per following. 

Step 1:
Choose Your Ingredients

Step 2:
Choose Your Soup and Noodles

Step 3:
Pay at Counter and Wait to be Served

Similar to the famous Tomyum in Raja Uda such as Joo Heng, we get to select the ingredients we want. A lot of options up to choose, so bae and I ended up taking quite a lot. We always love our Tomyam with Enoki Mushroom, Egg, Minced Pork and Cheese Seafood Tofu, the rest are optional.  😋😋😋All the ingredients are priced accordingly, so you know exactly how much it would costs in total! 

Since the shop named as Tomyam Taste, so bae and I had to try their Tomyam instead of clear soup. Dry Tomyam and Cheese Tomyam with variety of noodles were all available too. Personally, I like Tomyam Taste for their systematic ordering system as well as the transparency in pricing. 👍👍👍 But taste wise, too spicy for my liking! Next time perhaps I would try the Cheese Tomyam! 

What about you? Do you like it?

012-670 7063

Opens Daily 
11.30am - 3pm 
6pm - 10.30pm

Happy Food Hunting!
Happy New Year in advance! 
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  1. Siapa yang tak suka tomyam. I pun suka but I cari restoran halal la kan...I suka original taste tomyam. Tak nak yang add lain2 bahan dalam tu. Ahhh nak makan tomyam pula sebab you post ni. Haihhh...

  2. I love tomyam with seafood even tak boleh makan seafood. For non-muslim whose suka makan tomyam, can try at Golden Triangle Relau ya?

  3. oh wow their method looks so good! can choose the ingredients. but too bad its not halal maybe i can recommend this to my non muslim friends

  4. Wow..looks tempting la..but its not halal for muslim...will introduce to my non muslim friend as well..this concept and method is great for everyone..

  5. havent been to Golden Triangle Relau before. I am a tom yam lover. it's in my to go list when I visit Penang next time. hopefully it's still good hehe

  6. This is really a special way to enjoy your meal. You choose what you wanna eat and then they will cook and serve it for you. Awesome mix and match concept. I should have tried this when I was in Penang last month.

  7. i suka tomyam tp not so spicy because i can't eat if the tomyam so spicy...variety of tomyam u can choose...untuk org2 penang bole try this place..i pn lama tk pegi penang

  8. Tomyam memang ramai peminat di Malaysia. Menu makanan Thai ni sentiasa jadi pilihan.
    Dan makin byk pilihan mknan di Penang Nampaknya

  9. Looks delicious! I am a fan of good tomyam. Will check out this place soon. Thank you for sharing.

  10. My favourite tomyam,tak kira tomyam spa,blh terjah kat sini nti

  11. huu~ i lapar tau !! tengok gambar pun dah terliur.. thanx untuk info.. nanti i akan beri cadangan kepada kawan-kawan non muslim..

  12. It's nice to see that tomy is very appealing and makes us feel like going to KL if it's okay, It's okay we go Penang we try to eat here hehehe ...

  13. I love tomyam. Buttt eh my eye catch the cheese tomyam? ?What is it true ??Wow something different. .i tak pernah dengar menu cheese tomyam .Macam mana lah rasanya cheese tomyam tu. Mesti sedapkan.

  14. Seronok juga ada macam ni. Boleh pilih sendiri isi apa yang kita nak. Ala-ala steamboat. Ada cheese tomyam ye.. macam mana agaknya rasa cheese tomyam tu. macam sedap jeee

  15. I love tomyam so much.. Suka banyak sayur, banyak isi dalam tomyam. .Dapat hirup kuah dia. .Fuh nikmat..wah menariknya tempat ni, ambil lauk dengan pilih kuah sendiri.. Nice one. .

  16. sep ..kita sama suka tomyam..lagi pedas lagi syok....boleh nak dikatakan semua sayur dan apa2 lauk pun sedap makan dengan tomyam...

  17. Move Over Seoul Garden. Tomyam Taste is here.

  18. Tomyam has always been my all time favourite! Looks delicious and can be guranteed that its freshly cooked too! Would love to try this out for myself one day. I now have cravings for tomyam all thanks to this post.

  19. it's been awhile since I last eat tomyam..this look fresh and deliciouss...nak makan tomyam now la..


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