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Hello! I know it has been a while since I last wrote about myself. *lifestyle blogger kononnya*
It's always about review, review and review.
So, perhaps now, this is a good time for a review of myself.

Life has always been busy, who isn't right?

You would probably know that I have started MBA recently.
Believe it or not, I have collected another badge!
Yes, at the maximum level! Give me some claps okay. XD
Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about identities disorder etc.
I know when I googled there isn't an exact meaning for this.

Latest addition - USM MBA Student Badge

Here's the list of my identities:
1. Engineer - Keysight Technologies (Formerly known as Agilent) Post 1, Post 2
2. Tourist Guide - Post 1
3. Associate Financial Planner / CFP Student - Post 1
4. USM MBA Student - I haven't write anything about this course yet LOL
5. Unit Trust Consultant - Post 1
6. Blogger - Post 1
7. Others - ERT, YE Adviser, many others Post 1, Post 2
8. Ops, not forget to mention as a son and a boyfriend *thank god they are understanding*

Remember what I wrote at the top? Everyone is busy.
But looking back at each and every posts of it, I'm glad I did it.
At least I know I'm not wasting any minute of my life doing nothing.
For those who know me well, I don't accept "busy" as an excuse.
Like I always said:

"No one is really busy, it's all about priority!"
"No time is just an excuse, unless you are a dying person."

And recently, I have learnt from a book:

"You will never, ever have enough time. 
Forget time management, get great at choice management instead."

How true is that isn't it?
Decide to do things that has an impact or value that will count in long term.

Then of course, you should know...
I am a man with BIG dream.
Just in case you do not know, here's the reminder - My Ambition. =p
Like what all the other great people will do, they announce their ambition.
They make it loud, they make it clear.
Of course, there are people that asked why would I chose such a tiring path.

I hope I did inspire you a little, even just for a while. ;)
Afterall, positive energy is very important to keep us going!
Yup that pretty much sum up this post!
I hope I will share what I have learned in MBA from time to time.

Ohya! 2014 is coming to an end.
Do check out your 2014 resolutions and see if you have finished what you plan.

Remember, dream without action is merely just a dream.

Stay tuned! =D


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