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Sky Mirror Sasaran Beach 沙沙兰天空之镜 @ Kuala Selangor, Selangor

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On our way back to Penang during our 4D3N KL Trip, baby and I went to the famous Sky Mirror Sasaran Beach (沙沙兰天空之镜) located at Kuala Selangor. This is not a spontaneous one as we need to do the booking in advance to secure our spot. From my finding, most of the travel agency are almost similar, in term of price and itinerary. Read on to know more about my trip!

Sky Mirror Sasaran Beach (沙沙兰天空之镜)!

The agencies are actually interconnected, we actually booked our trip with 天空之境 Sky Mirror-蓝天号 Sky Blue but we ended up with another one - Manta Ray 曼达雷 - Tour to sky mirror 天空之境. So I believe they will pass you to other agency if theirs is full and probably earn a little commission from there. 😂

Our trip costs RM70 per person and deposit of RM40 per person is needed in advance to book our seat. The fee paid inclusive of the return boat trip to Sasaran beach and Swan Island, insurance, a packet of Nasi Lemak and a bottle of mineral water. 

We were required to gather at a temple (仙法师公古庙) at 7 in the morning. The agent we hired was kind enough to send us all the details and even remind us a day before to arrive on time. Do take note that being punctual is crucial as the sky mirror effect only appears for a certain period due to low tide. 

Baby and I reached the temple quite early and witnessed the crowds getting bigger, some came by cars and some even came by tour bus! So you can tell how popular is Sky Mirror Sasaran Beach. We parked our car behind the temple and paid RM5 for the parking fee. Be sure to go to the toilet first as there's none on the Sasaran Beach itself. 

We were being assigned according to the boat number, some will be given a wrist band for easy-identification. This was the time when we were being passed to another agency - Manta Ray. So together with us on the boat, there were another 6 pax tourists all the way from Taiwan. 

As usual, the tour guide shared with us about our journey, the place we were going as well as the living creatures that we seen along the way. However, the weather was not good enough, our small boat was being bullied by the strong waves, so most of us were being splashed with seawater. 

It took us about 45 minutes to arrive at Sasaran Beach. It was quite amazing to see a big piece of flat sandy beach appears just like that after the low tide. By the time we reached, there were already full of people with bright colorful clothing. 

The scene that caught our attention the most was that the guides will just lay flat on the beach just to capture a great photo for you. In order for the sky mirror effect to work best, bright sunlight and flat surface of seawater (without wind) are needed. 

Unfortunately, during our visit, the sun was scorching hot but the wind was too strong that it causes ripple on the water surface. And of course, the tide was way too low that you cannot see a perfect reflection.  Hence, all the blurry reflection! 😕😕😕

Nevertheless, we still took quite a lot of photos and have fun ourselves. Just like when life gives you lemons and you make lemonade out of it! Surprisingly, after the Sky Mirror Sasaran Beach, we were heading back to jetty. Where's our Swan Island as per itinerary?! Well, since we were being passed to another agency, the trip itinerary is different too. Who can I blame? 😞😞😞

The only good thing about Manta Ray is that they are new in the business and they offer video shooting service for free until end of 2017. So here's our video taken and edited by Manta Ray: 

Overall, I think Sky Mirror Sasaran Beach maybe a good place to try. But you will need a lot of luck to get perfect condition for the sky mirror effect, otherwise, it would just be another beach outing. 😐
Oh ya, due to the seawater splashing, my DSLR is officially dead after so many years with me. 😭

Here are some of the reminders:
1. Breakfast is not provided, so take yours before arrive
2. Arrive earlier as you will still need to find your group and get yourself ready
3. Get yourself a waterproof bag to keep all your gadgets as waves can be too strong
4. Prepare another set of clothes as well to change
5. Wear bright colorful clothes for better contrast in photo
6. Put on a lot of sunblock and bring along hat/cap and also sunglasses
7. Pray hard that everything goes right

Check out the video I made my own! :D

Till then!
Have a great adventure! :D
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  1. I think your own videos is more better hahaha

  2. Never heard about this place before. Such a beautiful scenery indeed

  3. Ruby dah pergi Sasaran! Memang best. Cuma kena plan journey sebaiknya lah kan. Lepas tu pakai pakaian warna warni. Barulah cantik gambar. Hehehe.

  4. Dekat je dengan rumah i.. dalam 30 minit perjalanan... But tak pernah pergi... happy go lucky la u'll

    But.. u sudah sensor satu gambar yang menarik hahahaha

  5. Went there last 2 month...if you want superb photo please where colourful shirt..the reflection will be superb...good venue to visit only 1-2 hours to reach there by boat..

  6. takpernah tau tempat ni but looks so nice! dapat bergambar kat sana mesti bestkan

  7. ramai yang dah ke Sky Mirror ni. I want to go there also

  8. Ni jer satu lagi lokasi yang kita tak sempat pergi masa balik kampung kat Kuala Selangor tu memang kena pergi tapi ada waktu jugakan hehehehe tak apa nanti kita pergi juga....

  9. wah, looks so fun.. haha so funny to see all pose from the cameraman who want to capture all the moments there.. no wonder the results are great! so beautiful pictures and videos of sky mirror

  10. Very nice place.. really love all the photos

  11. I haven't had the chance to visit the beach - I really want to go visit soon and take great pictures like everybody else

  12. I want to go there too. Want to snap a lot great picture there. Nice"

  13. 1 must visit place at kuala selangor.. great picture taken and thanks for sharing the info ya.. add on places to go in my wishlist..

  14. Seems to be a good place to hang out after your trip to Penang.Once in a while should jalan-jalan to get to know more about our beloved country and places. Nice video tho..


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