Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival

Henry Tan | 4:32 PM |
Yes. It's coming.
Tomorrow will be Mid-Autumn festival.

I could still remember all the celebration I used to have for Mid-Autumn festival.
I know you are imagining the story telling time by the elders right?

But nope! My family did not celebrate that way.
Yes, we do have celebration but without the story telling part. lol
Is not that parents did not pass on the traditional story to the younger generation, but rather... my parents did not know much about the stories?

After all, I guess there aren't many story to tell either, isn't it? LOL

What else other than her and her rabbit? LOL

Ohya, of course also the story of mooncake.
The one that passing message thru mooncake i think. lol

I still prefer the traditional mooncake.

My family would prepare mooncake and of course, not forgetting tea!
Lastly, my all time favorite! Lantern! =D

Of course, I also prefer the traditional one! =D

Is not about what brand of mooncake you bought,
Who cares if is Kam Lun Tai or Tai Thong!
Is not about what kind of lantern you use,
Who cares if is Ultraman lantern or Hello Kitty lantern...

To me, what matters most is family being all together and celebrate.
Every celebration is a chance for  family reunion. 

Sadly to say,
It is my forth year not celebrating with family.
I really miss that a lot! =(

by the way, wishing to everyone...

"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!" =)
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  1. i missed it alot toooooooo.........huhuhuhuhu, m studying abroad... zhong qiu jie kuai le!!!!

  2. hey kyle,
    you too! Happy Mooncake Festival! =D

  3. We do not need to have a festival to spend time with family and friends or loved ones.
    Any time is a good time to spend time with them as long as we appreciate the time spent together.
    May you be well and happy everyday!


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