Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paper Wrapped Chicken @ Leong Ya Indah Restaurant, Balakong

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Have you tried Paper Wrapped Chicken?

Always heard that it is famous at Leong Ya's.
So finally we went there to try out!

Leong Ya Indah

Paper Wrapped Chicken! With a "good" sign!

This is how it looks in the beginning!

 Let's unwrap it!

 That's how it looks inside!

 Stir Fried Venison with Kailan

my first time to eat this!

 Bean Sheet.

Usually eat at Yong Tau Fu

 Pickle Tau Fu

Looks nice huh? Golden color! lol

 Rice best served in bowl! traditional! =D

 still okay i guess. 

Quite a lot people eating there.
There are quite a few shops with the name of Leong Ya.
But if u look carefully, there's a bracket "(Daugther)".
We are not so sure which one is the best. 

Taste: 7/10 (Not bad!)
Price: 7/10 (Ok Ok!)
Environment: 7/10 (Normal coffee shop)
Service: 7/10 (Not bad!)

Restaurant Leong Ya Indah,
Jalan Dagang,
Seri Kembangan.
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  1. Ohh..I ate the paper wrapped chicken in this restaurant few weeks ago! It really tastes nice!


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