Friday, February 11, 2011

Hokkien Mee @ My Home =D

Henry Tan | 5:26 PM |
If you ask me which place in Penang serves the best food,
I would only tell you...

"My home. =)"

For a boy like me that grow up with home cooks,
eating at home definitely is the best.
Of course, credit to my mum who knows how to cook well. =D

Here's the Hokkien mee a.k.a prawn mee!

A good food starts from the soup.
This is my mum's secret recipe! =X

To make the soup sweeter without sugar,
boiled with meat. =D

With some home made secret ingredient...

and also some spicy ingredient...

Kangkung is a MUST! for me! LOL

and some personal addition...
Finally... ta-daaaa!

Definitely taste better than it looks!

Good thing about eating at home is that...
1. Clean and healthy for sure.
2. Get to choose what you like to eat.
3. Save money!

But if and only if you know how to cook! =D

"Grateful that mum train me to cook when i was young!"

To the Henry in 10 years later,
Make sure your kids know how to cook too! =D
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