Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kek Lok Si Temple 极乐寺 @ Penang

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I bet most of you have heard of this.
But how many of you have visited during CNY recently?
I would say it is...

"The nicest Buddhist temple in Malaysia!!"

FYI, Kek Lok Si is also the largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia.
You may visited before, but definitely not at the nicest period!
But is okay, I am going to show you here. =p

This is how it looks from far!

 This is just the entrance!

One of the temple! Which is huge!

See all the lighting? =D

Hanging my wish on the wishing tree! =D

Isn't that nice? =D

I think the best lighting in Penang ad. =.=

Too many photos to take! >.<

Ofcourse too many nice scenery! =D

Finally, photo of myself with my best friend. =D

The tanglungs are everywhere! 

The nicer one! LOL

The temple surrounded by all this Buddha statues.

Ceiling full of tanglungs! O.O

 Meet the 30.2m tall of Kuan Yin!!!

The height is 16 of me!!! 

Kuan Yin is standing on top blessing Penang! =D

The pillars that supporting the shelter for Kuan Yin!

The old Kuan Yin statue! =D

Small rice bucket! haha

The huge notice board behind!

Very crowded actually!

The protector of Kuan Yin?

Here's another one standing right infront of Kuan Yin!

"Superb huh?"

Well, I would rate this as one of the....

"Must Visit Place in Penang"

Do you need more reason to go Penang? =p
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  1. my hometown!! :) Yea, kek lok si is beautiful nearing CNY time!!

  2. Isaac, you are from penang? Im from penang too! =D

  3. Gosh, this is so beautiful and mesmerising =)

  4. WOW! I never went there during Night time. Never imaging that it is THAT awesome~ Do they have lightning deco only on CNY or throughout the year?

  5. wow, what camera u use? very nice le.

  6. Qiwen, yup! that's right! =D

    y-square.. if not mistaken just during some special occasions. =D

    ahsiang.. haha. 550D.. haha. im just beginner. =)
    thanks by the way! =D

  7. Gasp! So beautiful! I love it... simply at awe!


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