Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chew Jetty @ Penang

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As you know,
Penang is one of the...
"UNESCO's World Heritage Cities"

and Clan Jetty forms part of the Penang Heritage Trail.
Chew Jetty having the longest walkway and the most number of houses built.
There are actually 7 clan jetties, but one was demolished by fire.
Check out Tan Jetty here.

 Chew Jetty with the temple near the entrance.

UNESCO World Heritage Listing! =D

There are Homestay program, prawn farm and shops! =D

Check out this colorful house!

Take a closer look! Ice Kacang Puppy Love?! 
They got shooting at Chew Jetty!

 Boats! =D

YES! Stop pollution!

Crab trap and fish trap?! =DDD

 Nice boat huh? =p

Very nice isn't it? =D

People always ask me what to play or what to do in Penang.
In fact, I do not know where to start from!
Perhaps there are too many!
But one thing for sure...

"I am proud to be Penangite! =D"
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  1. look like interesting~that day i went to penang also but no place to time ask u bring me walk around the nice place ok??=)

  2. Penang is a wonderful place to visit with a lot to see and do but it is hard to know where to start for new and old visitors alike.

    Have a look here for some ideas.


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