Sunday, February 27, 2011

Outing @ Straits Quay

Henry Tan | 10:05 PM |
Always heard people talking about Straits Quay.
Finally I get to go and have a look!
But first, I gotta ask...

"How do you pronounce "Quay"?"

Okay, honestly, i called it "Straits "Kuih"" in the beginning. =.=
Then they told me should be "Straits Kee".
Here's some photos of it!

Haha. like in dreamland. =p

The lighting simple but nice.

The water should be splashed higher! lol

 Luporti and me. haha

if you see carefully, it is still under construction.

Indoor and outdoor walkway

It would be nicer when everything is done!

 Seaview! nice!
reflection. =)


Most of the shops are not open yet.
Nothing much either.
But definitely suitable for a bunch of friends to chill out.
Drink some beer, feel the sea breeze and enjoy the seaview!

"How awesome life could be 
if my house is there! LOL"
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  1. this is very beautiful, lovely photo shots.

  2. i went here once before Christmas :)

  3. nava.k. thanks. =) u shud take a visit there when u are free. =)

    catherine. wow. i see. that time still under construction also right?

  4. you should have a visit now. the construction is done and a lot of shops are opened and there are a lot of yummy food outlets!


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