Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 FREE Big Breakfast @ McDonald

Henry Tan | 4:20 PM |
Yes! Calling for those who have not try yet.
Because tomorrow will be....

"Last day!!!"

Let me teach you how to order in a WORTH way. =D

If you are a heavy eater (like me):

2 set of weekday breakfast (W1, W2, W3 or W4) 
with the 2 FREE Big Breakfast
Price: RM9.00 w/o tax

If you are a small eater (for girl):

2 Coffee (R) with the 2 FREE Big Breakfast
Price: RM6.20 w/o tax

For medium eater:

 1 set of weekday breakfast + 1 Sundae Cone
with 2 FREE Big Breakfast
Price: RM5.55 w/o tax

The 2 FREE Big Breakfast does not include drinks.
So i assume drink is needed. =D

What I ate this morning! XD

High rise tower!

The queue is so long that it reaches the door!

Quoted from yc:

If someone ask you...
"你前世没有吃过 McD meh?"

You can answer...

Lame right? =.=

Lastly, for those who have not try yet...

Click to enlarge to print it.
Black and white is acceptable. =)

"Happy McD day! =D"
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