Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pantai Teluk Aling, Penang

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Before you read this,
please go to the teaser and have a look. =D

So, now you got a rough idea how nice it is.
Next, I will show you why it is a....

"MUST-visit place in Penang!"

Nice huh? =D

The entrance to those beaches!

The seaside that you would pass by.

I like this photo very much! Reminds me of childhood! =)

 Not forgetting the warm welcome from the monkeys!

Make sure you choose the right trail!

they were having activities there!

Jetty for the boat ride!

 Crab hole!

Nice???? =DDD

Towards the boat!

 I spot a jelly fish!

my nice posture! XD

Spot this cute kid!

The jetty towards the middle of ocean! haha

 Feel like stalking them behind the bush. LOL


"I am PRO in catching CRAB! =p"

 Leanne and me.

 Some weird thing. =.=

Horrible dead fish. =S

 Finally my turn to swing! =D

That's the end of the beach day!

"Convincing enough? XD"
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