Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kek Lok Si @ Penang

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For a long time that I didn't go during the day.
Usually went at night since the lightings so awesome.
In case you never see Kek Lok Si at night, visit my previous post. =)

The place that you can feed the tortoises. 
I always like the reflection. =D

Kek Lok Si in chinese means 极乐寺.
Which means the Temple of Supreme Bliss!
It is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia! 

"Penang is a MUST visit place before you die! HAHAHA!"

Foong trying to act like the statue. LOL

 That's how it looks like during the day. =)

30.2meter tall of bronze statue of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.

The seven storey pagoda with 10,000 Buddhas sitting inside.

So Kek Lok Si during the day isn't bad too huh?
Plus you could also go buy some souvenirs on the way up.
But be reminded that you should try to bargain as low as possible.
Or else...

"You will be on the chopping board!!! =p"
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  1. i have yet to go kek lok si temple until now! haha, still prefer shopping XD

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  3. The best time to visit kek lok si is during CNY. Its awesome as the pagoda and temples are lit up brightly =) But do check out the list of awesome restaurant in Penang!


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