Sunday, April 24, 2011

War Museum @ Batu Maung

Henry Tan | 5:36 PM | |
I went once long time ago.
It was before the museum being renovated.

Now that it is better and nicer.
But of course, more expensive.
Afterall, it is the....

"Largest War Museum in South East Asia"

They got night tour too! 
But i wonder if anyone would be dare to go! haha

The fortress was built by the British
to fight against the invasion of Japanese.

Those tunnels you must walk through
and experience yourself!!! =D

During the invasion of Japanese,
the fortress was being use as POW.
Prison of War.

Hundreds of people brought there were beheaded.

Interrogation and torture of prisoners were conducted. 

We met a small snake that came out of nowhere too. =.=

The meeting room for military purpose.

The war museum could be really fun.
Especially the dark underground tunnels that you could walk through.
But please be reminded to bring along torch light. =)

If you are looking for more exciting activities,
You could go for the paint ball which using the real scene,
or just go for the night tour with the creepy surrounding! 
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