Thursday, June 2, 2011

2nd Day Internship @ AMD

Henry Tan | 9:36 PM |
Still very excited!
A lot more to learn!
And kinda proud too.

"I'm involve in some of the APU that haven't launch by AMD! XD "

APU = Accelerated Processing Unit
Whereby APU = CPU + GPU!
Check out here for more info! =D

Cool huh? =D
I quite like working in there.
At least I get to do practical stuff!

The sitting area for trainees like us. =D
Quite a lot trainees there. 30 plus i think?

Nice? I think this is a lot better than cubicle!
Do work till sien ad can look out the window!
See the sky! with the clouds! So nice! =D

Hmm. Somehow today i finally felt tired.

"Yes, working really tired. =)
That's the price to pay to get salary."
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