Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Day Intern @ AMD, Penang

Henry Tan | 7:58 PM |
For those who know me well,
They would know that I never work before!
Not even part time!
I know what you are thinking!

"Trust me! I am not! =D"

I want to work as much as anyone else!

Okay so let me continue about my first day in AMD.
Everything as I planned, wake up early,
Get ready and so on.
Just when I wanna leave home to work...

"My car ROSAK!! T.T"

I couldn't start the car engine.
My mood directly goes down to the ground! T.T
So i ended up bergantung to my OLD darling - my motorcycle! LOL
Really thanks to my OLD darling that I used to ride to class during high school. =D
And I reached AMD right on time! 8am! =D

"Really sweat for a BIG TIME!"

But due to my kancheong-ness, I was not able to slowly go around and take photo.
In fact, when I reached there, we were directly brought to take photo to make our badge.
Then, separated and brought to meet our supervisor and senior trainee.

"Guess what? XD"

My dream came true! =p
Both my supervisor and senior trainee are both girls. XD
There's no fierce guy to guide me!
You know i went to some company before, and those uncles really SCARY! =S

Guess what are these for? Locker?
 Keep what?

Well, keep shoes! LOL

Library, Third Floor.
The place where all the interns at. =D

First day I already have to start working.
Kinda busy actually since we got things to do most of the time.
Of course, I am still new to all the thing, so kinda slow in doing.
So only managed to take 2 photos before i went back.
But don't worry!

"I will take more tomorrow! =D"

Especially with my senior, my supervisor and also my company! =DDD

Lesson of the day:
It does not matter what big company you enter, or which country you went for intern.
Most importantly, you are doing things you like and you are gaining experience!
p/s: food kinda cheap in my cafeteria, I could save some money this time! =D
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  1. may i know how to apply AMD internship?

  2. may i know how much they pay for the internship?


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