Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kissa Koyotei (Maid Cafe)@ Jalan Hutton, Penang

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Whoots! Maid Cafe! =p
What come first to your mind with the word maid cafe?
Japanese's sexy maid cafe right? XD

"YUP! Penang GOT too! =D"

Wait, don't get too excited yet!
Check out the photos:

 The appetizer is nice!

 Sake Steak Lunch (Salmon)

 Saba Steak Lunch (Mackerel)

I like the combo of this two! =D

Trying to stalk the Japanese lady there. XD

 The leftover.

 A lot of Japanese eating there.

Spot the "maid" ? =p
It is better to see it from here. =X

I have to say that their service is really good.
They always keep an eye on you. (not in a scary way, dont worry. =.=)
Very attentive!
Whereby even u drop something she will also rush there to pick up for u!

Taste: 7/10 (For me it is just another Japanese shop, nothing much.)
Price: 7/10 (Quite okay. RM36 for 2 person.)
Environment: 7/10 (Not bad! playing soft background music in japanese)
Service: 9/10 (Very attentive! but only if they are sexier. =X)

Do check out their website for more info!
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  2. hahaha!! this maid cafe look too linear!!! Added into my shall-try-list when I'm in Penang!

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