Friday, June 17, 2011

Sarang Chae Korean Restaurant @ New Bob Centre, Gottlieb Road

Henry Tan | 8:05 PM | | |
Went there for friend's birthday celebration.
I have to say that finding a car park there is HARD!
It is actually located at the opposite of PCGHS!
If you go at the wrong time,


Somehow at the end I parked my car quite far away and have to walk.
Anyway, check out the photos:

Group photo! =D
and fooodddddd...

that's how much we ateeeeee!

I could not give any rating on the food as I couldn't eat. =(
But for sure, the lady boss is very friendly, especially when you speak Korean well.
She also gave the birthday boy a bottle of Korean alcohol!

Each person costs around RM30.

"I will be back there again to try! =D"
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