Sunday, June 5, 2011

2nd Guppy and Betta Charity Competition @ Gurney Plaza

Henry Tan | 6:55 PM | |
Since I was a little boy, guppy is one of my favorite!
I used to go catch guppy at the longkang with friends.

"Im such a kampung boy huh?! =D"

I even kept them so long that they lay eggs and came out with tiny little fishies.
Too bad, damn those birdies ate them all.
(Blaming the birds, since they slowly gone without leaving the dead body behind!)

So fish is my thing!
Check out the photos! =D

See my reflection? =p

they got coloring contest too!

the judges for the guppy and betta competition!

Taiwan Guppy Club? =OOO

Next, my personal favourite!!!

 Very nice rite??? so colorful! =D


"The two headed guppy!! WOW!"

 The top 3! =D


"Betta! a.k.a Fighting fish!!"

 some very weird, some very special!

one thing for sure...

"Fighting mode is always ON!!!"

Guppy and Betta are very common pet fish in Malaysia.
Too bad the younger generation slowly eliminate the hobby of keeping fish.
Plus the pollution, I don't think the longkang i used to go still got guppy. =(
But one thing for sure...

"Catching fish is way better 
than playing computer games!"

I must make sure next time my kids grow up like kampung boy too! =D
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  1. There is no kampung in Singapore since i was parents miss their lives in kampung too, always wanted to experience kampung life.

  2. guppy also got competition LOL

  3. Worse is, I never knew there's guppy in a longkang! D: I always thought a guppy has to be bought from those shops. :\

  4. Kelvin, owh. perhaps u could visit to malaysia! =)

    Meichi! scary? haha.

    Houhousek. lol. my high school last time also got!

    Jiamon. hahahaha. u ar... really 90's ppl! your childhood all abt pc games and tv huh? =p


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