Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gift from DT! =D

Henry Tan | 9:33 PM | |
Proudly that I won the gift,
and humbly that thanks to everyone, 
especially DT! =D

I received it today!

She's very EFFICIENT!

All the way from KK to Penang! =D

Sumore wrapped in a nice bag! =D

With a lovely note! ^^

Thank you very much DT! =D

Anyway, the two pages I like the most. XD

Relaxing view! =D

And of course...


Hoho! I am so going to put the calendar in my office table! =D
Definitely make up my day! =D

Anyway, if you are interested to go travel,
remember to visit to her blog ya. =)

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  1. Hahaha..Your this post makes me laugh especially the last photo! Hahaha! Bikini girls!! Phewitt!!
    I didn't check the pages clearly and didn't realise got that page. Hehehe..Hope you like it, Henry!

  2. Some eye candies for you to release stress at work xD Diana sure is sweet enough to write a note and wrapped everything so nicely!

  3. The second page that u like most - I never know you have this thing for monkeys :P

  4. Congrats. Come, text me your address and I'll send you a gift too. LOL!!! :D

  5. Congrats, Henry! U're so cute :)

  6. @DT, hoho! i like it! thanks a lot! for a long time i didn't receive any package thru mailbox ad! haha

    wilee tee! =D

    hilda milda, yup, rest my eyes on them! LOL

    wawa, thanks! =D

    meitzeu, thanks!

    anne lee, yup! bikini girls! its always the bikinis beaches that attract the most! XD

    merryn, the monkey is naked ok. =p

    erika, thanks!

    suituapui, really? =DDD

    charmaine, yuppp! my office very cold, so need something hot! XD

    blackswan, haha thanks! =D


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