Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taman Lalu Lintas @ Penang

Henry Tan | 10:06 PM | |
Well, let me show you a photo in the beginning.

Any idea who's this handsome boy? =p

It's obvious isn't it? XD

Yes, this is Traffic Safety Competition.
Probably you never heard about it if you are not from Penang.
And you would probably laugh about it.
Let me tell you about it...

Taman Lalu Lintas! =D

Back then, I was in charge of bicycle!

and some in charge of driving this.... CAR! LOL

while some are act as normal walking person...

So this is the starting point...

and we actually have to obey all the road signs...

You actually need to "park" at the designated place.

And go to each checkpoint!

Fake petrol station. =p

Fake telephone booth. =p

Fake Sekolah. =p

Kedai, etc etc!

So at the end, which school team can finished all the checkpoint in shortest time will win! 

Opening time: 6.30am to 10.30pm daily

That's the year 
We Are the Champion! =DDD

So that's pretty much my primary school time. ;)
How about you?

Mine's special huh? XD
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  1. wow! last time my primary school had this type of activity too! =D

    1. hahaha really? good good! many ppl dunno at all. =S

  2. Replies
    1. haha u went before too? morning can go there exercise le!

  3. hey, so cute leh.. primary school already keluar suratkhabar.. nice!

  4. Wow. So great achievement on a young age. Me - normal sch life with no competitions.

    1. lol. thanks thanks. is okay everyone is good in their own way. ;)

  5. oh i remember this activity but didnt join...! congratz! :D

  6. OMGGG! so cutee! i din know got such activity

    1. camy how can u!! haha u are from penang lehh. haha

  7. celebrity even in your primary school days!

  8. no memories about my primary and secondary..hehe.. i dislike going to schools!hnnmmph!

  9. Taman Titiwangsa got these things! :D

  10. Wah....congrats, Henry! I'm sure your parents are proud of your achievements. :)


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