Friday, August 17, 2012

Me versus Acne

Henry Tan | 10:29 PM |
In case you have forgotten, Me versus Hair Loss.
Well, I always versus all the bad things! #meagainsttheworld TT

I'm gonna start the post with a story.
And let the picture tell you that.

Moral of the story?

#truestory x 99999999

And I only realized I complained before in my blog.

Well, good news about this post is that...
Finally not just "ME" against the world.
But rather....

"Us against the world!!"

"Us" means that I've found a good partner! =D
Well, this is not a paid post but simply just sharing.

She is Dermedex!!

This is the second small tube.

And guess what...
After using for a month, I only realized....

You may fall in love with this product. =.=

She's not cheap though.
So far I just tried the small tube which is RM11 per 10g tube.
The bigger bottle costs over RM100++.
Next month gonna have a big hole in the pocket!

Well, again...


So, no choice! XD
Highly recommended for those who got the same problem! =D

Till then,
Stay tuned! =D
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  1. So it's a cleanser? Just cleanser oso can cure acne?
    How's the result? :D

    1. yup it is a cleanser. but of course i didn't ask for smooth and silky skin like girls la. =p so for me as long as no more pimples, that's it.

  2. show ur 滑滑 faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. hahahaha. cannot. cant tell from photos one. let u touch easier. HAHAHA

  3. You may want to try a mild non-precriptive antibiotic - Terramycin, available at all pharmacies. When one appears, apply a little bit and rub it in - next morning, sure gone!

    1. hmmm. unfortunately me inherited with allergy to terramycin. =(

  4. Where to get this? I'm currently using T3, result is not bad too :)

    1. not sure ler. but u can go search in google. quite a famous brand in Singapore i supposed?

  5. Replies
    1. yuppp. atleast so far i feel it is effective to me la. haha

  6. Replies
    1. for me yes la. but it might be varied for different people right. =)

  7. using the same product currently...result will be better by using the refining serum along in d trial pack..

  8. Hahahaha ~ Wishing your face will be smooth like a boiled egg surface XD

    1. lol wahhh. first time i see ppl use boiled egg surface as comparison. >.<

  9. i went thru this at one point and seem to be getting lil bums on the face at the current moment though i think its because skin is too oily as a result of dehydration...will check this out in case i have some stubborn fellas that i need to nip with this;P

  10. I also using this! Wohaha! "She" was being introduced by the beautician when I went for facial.

  11. Dermedex is really good for acne and pimples!!! I used it since last year! and without doubt, my skin is so much better now! highly recommended!

  12. i used this and end up the bumpy face. i guess its the side effects or maybe i overapplied it. besides, dermedex is banned in sg. beware of it.

  13. I like the acnes post because it contains such a fine information that is easy to understood for me. Thank you writers

  14. So who won the battle? It is a matter of time I'd say

  15. This is an unending battle and unfortunately acne wins


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