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Buy Toyota Cars in Penang?

Henry Tan | 11:44 AM |
If you are considering to buy a car you should read on.
Especially people around the age as me would probably start to hunt for a car.
And many factors would be taking into consideration.

Brand? Price? Fuel Consumption? 
Monthly Installment? 

Well, at least these are the questions for me.
You wouldn't want to regret after you bought it.
So, here's a quick way to do some research (Engineer's behavior :S)!
Visit the Malaysian Car Website - Carsifu!

When I first bought my Bao Bei - Myvi, friends did recommended Toyota Vios.
But I was thinking that my monthly installment could be a lot higher!
And higher commitment is definitely a BIG NO for poor worker like me.

I should have consider 2nd hand car!

You see, in the beginning you not necessary have to drive a new car.
Especially when your pay is still low.
Hence, getting a good 2nd hand car might be better option!

Afterall, not like I'm gonna drive my Myvi forever.
We will always want something better and better.
And this is my so-called better car that I want! =D

Toyota Harrier!

Opps I hope my Bao Bei Myvi doesn't see this. >.<
It's like I'm checking out some other girl. LOL!

Anyhow, yeah, that's my point of view.
Of course, it is not easy to get a well maintained 2nd car.
And definitely would not be as good as a totally new car.

So, practically you have check everything!

Factors to consider:
1. Years of usage
You might not want a super old car that going to tear down soon.

2. Low Mileage
Most of the thing wear and tear, so the more you wear, the faster it tears? LOL

3. Accident Record
I guess you wouldn't want a car that ran down someone or killed someone before.

4. Last Owner
And definitely you do not want a "dirty" owner.
Who knows what he did in the car before. =X

5. Maintenance
Good maintenance the car could last longer.
You don't want to buy a car that looks good on the outside, but bad inside.


what you read might not be what you get!

So yeah, the website just for brief reference.
You still have to go see it yourself!

Till then! ;)
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  1. a myvi also consider very good already. there's no need to put a heavy burden especially when you're a fresh graduate. unless parents wanna present u a car. haha

  2. aisheh. changing car :D. i want sit ur new car LOL

    1. =.= since when i wanna change car laaaa. =.=

  3. me too i want 2 ride ur new car around the city...LOL...

    1. lol nooooooooo i didnt say i wanna change car... LOL

  4. Ok...quick, one and then I have transport when I go over to Penang. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

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  8. Love it. I love travelling that's why i am looking for some sites more on cars so i know what would be the best car for me

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  11. Very detailed, indeed! For me, there are 3 golden rules when buying a car: fuel efficiency, mobility, and affordability. When three of these are all in one car, then that car is really worth buying!
    - Arlyne Nelms


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