Thursday, April 7, 2011

Penang 3D2N Tour

Henry Tan | 1:12 PM | |
Yup! HOHO!

"My first time to be tour guide!!!"

Specially thanks to Jenny who visited my blog and find me to be their tour guide. =D
A group of 9 people plus ME!
3 Days 2 Night Penang Trip!

Started with the planning based on their interests:

 Tight schedule! LOL

The places we went:
Snake Temple
Reclining Buddha
Dhammikarma Burmese Buddhist Temple
Teow Chew Cendol
Fort Cornwallis
Monkey Beach
Hard Rock Hotel
Toy Museum
War Museum
Bukit Genting Hill
Kek Lok Si

Then, finally the day has arrived!!!
Honestly, I was nervous yet excited!

During the first day, I was a little shy and nervous.
Not sure how to entertain them. =X

Luckily they are very friendly and fun!

During the second day, I get to know them better.
They became much more like friends to me.

Each of them have their own special characteristics that fun to be with.

Of course, not forgetting to bring them to the nicest beach, place and even food!

and... having fun myself too! LOL

 This swing very SYOKKKKK!!!

Finally, when it comes to the last day,
I really felt that time passes by very fast.

"Even though I didn't shed a tear, 
but saying goodbye with a mixed feeling! "

Maybe I am too emotional. =X
Need to learn from those professional tour guide ad!

really nice meeting them!


I am officially annoucing....

"I can bring you around and also photo taking service!!! 
Find me!!! =D"
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  1. Seriously, I don't think there are any improvements needed! We treat you like our friends, but not our tour guide. Friends don't rate and judge each other, get it? ;)

    Really feel glad to meet you, Henry! :)

  2. Thanks henry!!! we had a real fun trip in penang the last few days! I will give you 5 thumbs up as the tour guide :D Glad that we're friends now :D

  3. Henry, be my tour guide next time.

  4. wow,cool!!!n looks fun^^sure find u be my tour guide if i get to go penang XD

  5. How can I contact you? As I am going to visit Penang next month. :)

  6. thanks everyone!
    Anything look for me in Facebook! =D


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