Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recipes: Loh Bak

Henry Tan | 10:59 PM |
I know recently I shared a lot of the food I made.
And probably you are bored of it.
But please bear with me okayyyy.
Probably after CNY will stop ad. =p

Some of you might not know what's Loh Bak.
Well, here's the explanation:

Lor Bak (卤肉) - Marinated minced pork, 
then roll in thin soybean sheets and then deep fried

However, my type of Loh Bak is a bit different...

Seeee! =DD

Okay so here's the steps!

Place a sheet of seaweed on top of soybean sheet.

Mixture of marinated minced meat, spring onion, garlic, carrot etc!

Just anything you like! =D

Put on top of seaweed sheet and roll it up!

Use plain water or egg white to stick it together.

Steamed it first!

Then only deep fried for a while!
This is just to make the skin crispy!

Well, this is my way of "a-little-bit" healthy way of cooking. HEHE!
As they said, less oil less fry is the way to healthy eating!

So what's your way of making? =D

Till then. ;)
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  1. Ahhhhh!!!! That's a great idea - the seaweed sheet. My missus makes the best lor bak - we call that ngor hiang here. Must tell her this - she may want to do it too - a touch of sushi.

    1. haha ngor hiang in penang is those mixed with taugua lapcheong etc etc one. haha

  2. what? less oil? less fry?>< er.... ahaa.. nehmind, i'll just eat everything that is good...;P

  3. special edition with seaweed added in!

    1. yuppp special edition! haha gives a different texture!

  4. I did lo bak last cny! Hahaha. I did it just like how you do it. CNY is next week, can't wait for it. Happy CNY in advance! :)

  5. I'm impressed again, Henry! Nice idea for CNY.


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