Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recipes: Popiah

Henry Tan | 8:12 PM |
Just in case you do not know what Popiah is...

"Popiah (Pe̍h-ōe-jī: pȯh-piáⁿ) is a Fujian/Chaozhou-style fresh spring roll" - Wikipedia

And here's how I make it! =D

Step 1: Spread a thin layer of sweet sauce on the popiah skin

Step 2: Place a slice of lettuce

Step 3: Add in Bangkuang which i don't really like to eat =p

Step 4: Add in fried egg and steamed egg!

p/s: Add in whatever ingredients that you like!
For example: crabstick, sausage slice, taufu etc 

Step 5: Wrap it up and Voilà! Ready to serve! 

Okay, it looks ugly here with the sweet sauce.
So perhaps you can swap step 1 and step 2. XD
Well, sometimes you just gotta try and try and try!
Keep trying to find your own special ingredients and way to make it nicer!

Don't limit yourself with the typical one!

Till then. ;)
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  1. That's wrapping...not making. Didn't show how to cook the filling...and that looks like hardboiled egg, not steamed. And no chili in your popiah?

    I would want to try to make the skin - that I dunno how to do.

    1. oppps! ya hoh! forgot about that! haha
      make the skin? =X i not so pro lerrr. wait u do ad i learn from u! =DD

  2. I do mine this way:
    and this:

  3. aisheh. u can open restaurant de la :D

  4. Tell me, did you manage to make your own poh piah skin? Please share the simplest way to make one. Apart from buying them of course..

    1. noppeee. not so pro ler. im just a beginner trying to learn! =D teach me if u know! haha

  5. everyday also post food! Hate you XD

    1. oppps then u really will continue to hate me until like... after cny? haha


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