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Recipes: Red Heart Cookies + Red Flower Cookies

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Check out my recipes for my yummy cookies! =D
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Red heart cookies + Red flower cookies!!

Coincidentally arranged into this shape in my round container! =D

So here's the recipes! =D

Butter - 250g
Flour - 500g
Icing Sugar - 160g
2 Eggs
Strawberry Jam
(Serving for around 100 cookies)

Step #1
Knead butter, egg, flour and icing sugar until smooth.

Step #2
Roll out the dough on a surface lightly covered with flour (prevent sticking).
Cut out the shapes with biscuit cutter!

Step #3
Place on a baking tray with butter lightly spread on top (prevent sticking).

Step #4
Spread a thin layer of egg yolk on top for better color! =D

Step #5
 Fill in the Strawberry Jam!

Step #6
Keep in airtight container!

Ta-daaaaaa!! As easy as ABC! =D

Well, CNY coming, so "ang-ang" fulfilled the criteria! =p
Or Valentine's day coming too.
Which means you can make for both! =D
Now go try it yourself and let me know how is it!

Till then. ;)
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