Sunday, February 17, 2013

Malaysia EPF Dividend 2012

Henry Tan | 2:49 PM |
The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) declares 6.15% of dividend for 2012.
Last year I wrote about it too.

EPF Declares 6% High Dividend for 2011

But then I wasn't working yet.

Finally it is related to me since I start working last year!

"It's the highest in the last 12 years!"

The dividend rate increases 15 basis points over the 6.00 per cent rate paid out in 2011. 
This translates to a record breaking total of RM27.45 billion being distributed to its members.
Which is an increase of 12.20 per cent over RM24.47 billion paid out in the previous year.

Well, once again...

Comparing to the past 12 years, it's the highest!
Well, one thing good for the employee is that... 
It is still slightly higher than the CPI (consumer price index) and FD (fixed deposit).

Meaning to say that your money in EPF...

"Still got 3% interest despite of inflation!"

But this is just a rough estimation.
Anyhow, as long as it is high,
We should be happy already! =D
And if you want more than that...

Do find me for Investment & Savings! =D

I'm Unit Trust Consultant for Public Mutual Fund
and also Risk Management Advisor for Great Eastern.
I can help you out! (Advertising for myself XD)

Till Then. ;)
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  1. FD around 3% only!!!

    I withdrew all of my EPF already because all those @#$%^&*#$ people spreading all kinds of rumours about EPF, made me scared only. NO such thing - just tell them at the office - three days already in bank account - a lot more than what I contributed for 10 years before I got into the pension scheme (government).

    I really regret taking it out. Never never never ever listen to those people - they have their own private agenda in spreading all those lies...and do not care one bit what they say is true or not.

    1. @suituapui... wahh.. who do u listen that from.. ppl that want u to put money in FD? lol well since you already taken it out.. then perhaps make good use of it.. like put it in mutual fund with the same risk profile? but ofcourse.. with proper allocation la.. u already retired.. nothing much to worry about.. just enjoy ur retired life will do la.. =p

  2. see jor my EPF feel dao so sad loh~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    1. haha why sad la? too little right? come, invest. =p

  3. ohh public mutual fund ar. largest in malaysia rite :) enjoy your career!

    Latest: Dine in the Garden

    1. hahaha.. not consider as career la. just a job. =p thanks anyway.

  4. hmmmm seems like a good idea to keep contributing to epf:D

    1. haha if you think it is high enough, then yup. ;)

  5. wow, you're blog is really informative!
    you do all sorts of review, share amazing facts and all that!
    As a reply for your comment on my blog
    Mutterfly comes from the word Butterfly. seeing that i'm writing a blog, i turn the "butter" into "mutter" instead.
    would love to follow you!!!
    hope you do the same too!
    i LIKED your facebook page too!!

  6. Your blog is very nice! You seem very intelligent (much more than me haha) and I could def. use this advice when I grow older!!

    I liked you via FB (under Dan Li)

    Could you like my fb too?

  7. May I know how many % is the EPF interest for 2013?

  8. May I know what is the interest rate of EPF for year 2013


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