Friday, February 8, 2013

Be My Valentime @ Maju Junction Mall

Henry Tan | 6:00 PM | |
Remember I posted about this in Facebook last month...?

Yuppp. Got a huge response from my friends.

Well, I guess they are same as me. XD

That explains the reaction of them.
Well, fret not...

I found a solution!!!

Speed dating event!!

First thing the relatives gonna ask during CNY:

Got girlfriend/boyfriend already?

And Valentine's day is coming real soon!
Well I guess is time to do something!
Rather than just sit and wait for the right one to come right?

So who wanna go with me? =p

But before that...
Make sure you are:
1. 25-35 years old as at event day
2. Single
3.Minimum SPM or equivalent
4. Working professional
5. English speaking
6. A valid Facebook account
Last but not least... A sincere heart. =p

Guess what..
Not only you might meet the significant one...

You might also stand a chance 
to win an all expense paid dinner 
and shopping vouchers!

Not forgetting to mention that there are freebies for participant up for grabs too!

Limited to 40 participants only!

Well what else you are waiting for?
Make sure you register before 17th February 2013!

Register here:

See you there! =D
Till Then. ;)
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  1. Seriously? But u r not 25 yet XD

    1. hahhahaha yea u are right about that! i wasn't qualified to join. TT

  2. Haiyarrrrr!!!!!! I'm 60 years old!!! Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!!

    1. and you got family already. looking for second one? XD

  3. Last but not least..a sincere heart...LOL. I like that. I'll go if I'm around. Too bad I'll be away..What's with the minimum SPM level requirement. What about those unfortunate drop outs?

    1. haha yuppp sincere heart very important. haha
      anyway.. i guess they are just trying to narrow down the range so that it is easier to get compatible. =)

  4. i heard this on air. Are you going?

    gong hei fatt choy to you and your loved ones!

    1. yuppp im surprised that they promoted about it quite frequent too! haha yupppp stay tune for the update ya! =D

  5. Happy Valentine's Day. Got a date for tonight? Or are you gay? No worries, many like you around.

  6. Haha...funny..Didn't realize this blog belongs to u... saw u a couple times in Agilent b4...dats all.. ^-^


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