Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Star Trek: The Exhibition @ National Science Centre KL

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Calling all the Star Trek fans out there!
You don't want to miss this!

Star Trek: The Exhibition!

It's on the second floor of National Science Centre!

Are you ready to be beamed up? =D

Over the entrance!

Starting with posters of their series.

And even their original screenplay!

The office!

Borg Sphere!

Resistance is futile! Grrr!!

The space craft.

This looks nice too.


A lot of those that been used in the movie.

Even their clothes.

All sort of shapes that you can never think of!

Even thisss! 

Who wanna sit? =DD

A lot of different space craft from the beginning to the end!

And even the seats!
You can actually sit there and they will help you snap a photo!


Some of their props.

I like this quote very much!

To the rest of the world it was a fantasy.
To me it was an objective! 
- Dr. Martin Cooper

Their weapons!

Those pads and tablets probably get the ideas from them! =X

They selling their merchandise too!

I like this the most!

Keep calm 
stay logical!!

I'm an engineer, not a doctor! LOLLLL

Their upcoming movie in May!! =DDD

Malaysia is the first Asia country for their world tour!
And they will only be here until the end of the month!

So don't miss the chance!!

Head over to National Science Centre now!

Till Then. ;)
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