Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Need a Soft Desk Mat!

Henry Tan | 10:20 PM |
For thin people like me...
My elbow always with bruises or cuts... and scars or darker skin. >.<
Is like a layer of skin wrapping my bone onlyyyyyy!
Which is why...

I need a Soft Desk Mat!

See! Perfect! Support my elbow!

Without the soft desk mat, my elbow will always brushes against the table.
Everyone know friction causes the surface to be rough!
And nobody wants a rough skin rightttt!

Besides, I'm those self motivated person.
I need motivation quote or the so-called "座右铭" to inspire myself from time to time!

Tadaaaa~~!! The sticky note will not fly away anymore!

This soft desk mat definitely solve my problem.

Does it solves yours too? =D

Anyone wanna buy me this please go here - Bags Online
I will say thank you first. =p

Till then. ;)
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