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Day 4 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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In case you haven't read the previous one. ;)

Day 3 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

So here's the Day 4 for 7D6N Taiwan Trip. =D

Summary for Day 3:
11.00am : Shifen Waterfall @ Pingxi (十分瀑布 @ 平溪)
01.00pm : Shifen Old Street @ Pingxi (十分老街 @ 平溪)
03.00pm : Late Lunch @ Shilin Market (士林市場 @ 台北)
05.00pm : Fox House Hostel @ Taipei (狐狸小窩 @ 台北)

So after the crazy typhoon night...
The next morning the typhoon stopped already...

But outside still drizzling...

See the damages from typhoon!

Managed to snap this photo only..
I was rushing as we do not have umbrella...

Imagine the nice view...
Well so we checked out from the Minshu 
and move on to next destination!

Shifen Waterfall @ Pingxi 
(十分瀑布 @ 平溪)

Before heading back to Taipei, we visited Shi Fen.
And of course it is famous for the Shifen Waterfall.

The entrance is further inside!

Have to walk thru a hanging bridge!
You can see how rapid is the river flow! *scary*

Beside the hanging bridge, there's a railroad!

See the damage from typhoon!
Workers have to remove the branches to avoid blocking the train railway.

Finally reached the entrance to the Shifen Waterfall!

But have to purchase entrance fee - NTD 100!
See the waterfall view from the ticket so niceeee! *excited*

Manatau right after the entrance....

The rubbish typhoon left over...

It's quite a big place to explore actually!

Let me present you the amazing...

Shifen Waterfall!!!

Superb right...

That's not really how it looks after typhoon...

After typhoon....

See the difference? LOL!
Even the fence also gone!
My wonderful view gone! TT

Shifen waterfall total height is 20meters and 40meters in width!
Broadest waterfall in Taiwan!

Don't think anyone wanna drop into that! >.<

We were not allowed to go near.
So can only take photo from far.

Shifen Old Street @ Pingxi 
(十分老街 @ 平溪)

Another thing to do in Shifen would be the sky lantern.
So we were here for the sky lantern! =D

Shifen Old Street is unique as the train railway is just right in between of shops.

Seeee! And the shop facing right at each other.

Write your own wishes on top of the sky lantern!

Here's mine! Hope everything goes smooth.

Then slowly it disappeared into nowhere. =.=
Hopefully God received my wishes. >.<

Out of nowhere suddenly there were lion dance and the dragon dance.

I thought they were here to welcome me! =p

Well, according to the shop lady...
She told me that we were lucky as that day itself is the birthday of their local deity - "王爷公".
They will have the ceremony annually to celebrate.

They have all sorts of deities following together.

I believe 王爷公 should be sitting inside.

I was surprised that their band members were formed by aunties!
Well done aunties! Look at their professional faces! =D

It was considered as one big event to them and everyone will come out to see.

Everyone will try to get a piece of chinese bagel (咸光饼) from the deity.
Eating it will get the blessing from the deity.

Another photo before I leave. =D

Late Lunch @ Shilin Market 
(士林市場 @ 台北)

Since it was drizzling, we were forced to find food indoor!
And this Shilin Market was located underground!

The entrance is just behind this sign!

This shop selling a lot of food, so we stopped by here! =D

Ordered this fried conch - NTD150! 
Well is like Balitung in Malaysia. =D

Braised Pork Rice - NTD 30
Again! In Taiwan sure will eat!
Imagine cold weather and eating this warm braised pork rice!
Awesome! =D

Fried Crab - NTD150
Personally I think so so only.
Probably after fried too long the crab lose the sweetness.

Fried small crabs.
Crispy but seems like Taiwanese like to sprinkle with those powder.

Oyster Mee Sua - NTD 60
Unlike the one in Fengjia Night Market, the soup is not thick.
The soup wasn't added with black pepper too.
But the oyster is big!

Here's their price list.

Few dishes weren't enough, so we continue jalan-jalan cari makan.

Again, this one seems pretty famous with all the photos of celebrities!

Fried Oyster - NTD 100
Somehow it doesn't suit to my liking at all.
Taiwan's Fried Oyster uses a lot of starch to make it sticky. =S
I thought they are supposed to make it smooth but seems like too much of it becomes geli. >.<


This is what you should avoid!!!

Initially I thought Taiwan planted a lot of fruits should be quite cheap right?
Well, I am so WRONG!!!
A small plastic bag with guava and pineapple cost a bomb!!

NTD500 ++!!!

Is like around RM50!! 
So expensive!

Well, but atleast you should try this...

Apple banana!
Something weird or special!

Japanese style of catching fish with tissue too mainstream!
They got mini pool for prawn fishing! =D
He reminds me of... 


Another one would be this shop!
But now Malaysia also got already!

Fox House Hostel @ Taipei 
(狐狸小窩 @ 台北)

We stayed here for the rest of the 3 nights.
They are very near to the Zhongxiao Tunhua MRT,
which is just within 5 minutes of walking distance.
The streets here are famous for fashion.
You will see lots of fashion house along the streets here.

敦南館 Room B 雙人套房

平日NTD1600 假日NTD1800

Not cheap actually, but most of the Taipei hotel also not cheap.

Another well decorated room! =D

Very clean too! Got TV is the best! Hehe!

Sumore got balcony! Perfect!! =D

The bathroom is small but is more than enough to bath! 

Well, after bath and all..

Too lazy to go out already!
Just feel like hide inside the cozy blanket and watch Taiwan show! =D

I strongly recommended this place to stay! 
The owner very friendly and she's pretty too! hehe!

At night we just simply hang around the area - Zhongxiao Tunhua. =D
Another happening area too!

Total spending for Day 4:
NTD5600 = Fox House 3 nights - NTD2500, Food - NTD1000, Entrance Fee - NTD100, Shopping - NTD2000
*rough estimation*

That's all for Day 4!
Coming up few days lesser photos as I'm getting lazy! >.<

Stay tuned! =D

Day 1 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

Day 4 @ 7D6N Taiwan Trip

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  1. omggg. the waterfall loook so diff de

  2. wah the first pic of the waterfall look like those in posters! can't believe it's real HAHAHA but quite a huge difference.

    1. yessss aiksss maybe i will go back again. =D

  3. The aftermath was quite bad. Glad that you both still have great time in Taiwan.

  4. I didn't manage to visit the food court area of shihLin on my last visit, busy shopping at the clothes selling area :P

    1. hahaha i guess all ladies need one full week at the clothes selling area. haha

  5. the view are totally gone because of typhoon eh? remind me not to visit during bad weather period. lol
    the hotel looks good, can consider during my trip. =)
    thanks for sharing!

  6. I've been to Taiwan many times, but have never tried letting go a sky lantern! I wanna try too! Love the tour here, Henry!

  7. Check their facebook page and the official website - your photos are almost the same as what they uploaded. Now I know where to stay if going Taiwan for second time =)

  8. Hi. Nice trip blog. I also love travelling to Taiwan. Nx time u can try hualien, cingjing or alishan. Can see my Taiwan itinerary here:

    1. yup surely will go back again! thanks for the intro! =D

  9. Two small bag of fruit for 500? That's totally a ripoff! I live in Taiwan and I can tell you that is definitely not the reasonable price. I'd say 70~100 would be more acceptable. I think you've encountered a near-tourist scam. Hopefully not many vendors are doing that or it will really damage our reputation.


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