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Kizuna Japanese Restaurant @ Bay Avenue, Penang

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Looking for a restaurant that will tantalize your taste buds?
Or take your dining experience to a whole new level?
Perhaps Kizuna Japanese Restaurant would be a good choice for you!

Well, Kizuna or 絆 is a Japanese word which means "bond".
So you know where to go if you wanna bond with your loves one. =p

Not hard to locate the shop with the striking yellow name board.

The environment made me feels warm with the candle in the glass.

The shop not very big but is good enough to create the cozy ambient. 

The boss, Kevin shown us his private collection of alcohol.
And one of his proudest collection would be the Hibiki which costs RM6800!
Not for sales though!

So let's start with all the amazing food!

Assorted Sashimi - RM199
Consists of Salmon, Tuna, Prawns, Surf Clam, Squid, Octopus and even Tuna Belly!
Otoro or tuna belly is considered the king of sushi ingredient, 
which makes it super expensive!
 The tuna belly is very oily and high in Omega3.

It melts, literally, in my mouth! SUPERB!!!

Dragon Maki - RM22.90
Unagi and avocado wrapping prawn and cucumber with the topping of masago (fish roe).

Surf Clam
Not the typical clam that we always eat, the texture is chewy and sweet.

Roses Hotate - RM75
It is actually salmon sashimi wrapping grilled scallop with the orange seafood sauce.
So you could imagine the mixture of two different textures, soft salmon and firm scallop, 
slowly melt in your mouth.

The boss uses Cointreau liquor to make the sauce.
Which is really an added point to the dish.

Foie Gras with Black Cord - RM95
In case you don't know what's foie gras...

Pronounced fwah grah, and literally meaning "fat liver" 
foie gras is the oversized liver of a duck or goose.

Yessss the top layer is Foie Gras, then black cord and bottom with raddish.
Unlike chicken liver or what...
Trust me, the foie gras is like taufu! 

So soft, so fat, so yummlicious!! 

Teppanyaki Jumbo Prawns - RM49.90
When they brought out the prawns, the aroma of it already filled up the restaurant!
What's more appetizing than having all your senses been tantalized.

Ishiyaki Wagyu (和牛) - RM119
Wagyu weihhhh!! 

Wagyu is famous for it's high marbling rating 
and also the high percentage of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids!
**seems like all oily fatty food are the most delicious one >.<**

And according to the boss..

Kobe-gyu (神牛) is coming up next!!!
If you are a beef lover, I'm sure you will not miss this out.

Ishiyaki style whereby you just grilled it on the stone.
Olive oil to spread on the stone, 
teppanyaki sauce and wasabi teppanyaki sauce for you to choose.

Buta Amiyaki - RM19.90
Grilled thin slices of pork with sprinkle of sesame.
Chewy and sweet.

Well, credit card is accepted. =p

So just enjoy all the top class delicacies! =D


Kizuna Japanese Restaurant
C-9-1 , Lorong Bayan Indah 3,
Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Mon - Fri:
10:30 am - 3:00 pm
5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sat - Sun:
1:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Tel: 04-6383491 / 012-555 8983

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  1. wahhh so many sashimi and wagyu!!

    oh i saw jinni too *waveee*

  2. I'll tap that prawn! Eh got ask the boss to open the hibiki for u guys or not? Hahaha

    1. hahah too bad im allergic to prawns so u can take all! =p

  3. I thought the stone was on fire, it was actually camera plash right?

    1. hahaha yupp someone else camera flash! but coincidentally nice right!


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