Monday, November 4, 2013

XPlay 2013 @ Soju Room, Penang Times Square

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XPlay 2013 by Celcom was held again this year in Soju Room, Penang Times Square.
So fast it has been a year since I last joined XPlay 2012 @ Room, Penang
As usual, my party people are still the same, except without Emily, Christer and Alvin. =(

So here are my party photos! =D

Time to Muxic with XPlay! =D

As usual, take photo with the backdrop at the entrance!

This year left Nicholas to party with me only.

Party surely must come with booze!

Yes a lot a lot of booze! >.<

Starting with DJ Xu!

Then DJ Gianni Marino! Damn good looking!

Then later on joined in by DJ Agent Smith!

See his iconic hair! DAMN YENG!!! 

In between, they have some performance too. 

The Light-man dance!

And also the yo-yo performance!

Ann, Amelia and me! =D

Personally I like this photo very much cause i looked good! XD
Anyway bye bye to Ann soon as she's leaving Penang!

Thanks to Amelia's fish-eye we can snap a lot of group photo! =D

 Well, if you would like to join the party, not too late yet!
Coming up next:
Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching - 8/11/2013
BED, Kota Kinabalu - 16/11/2013
The Rootz, Kuala Lumpur - 30/11/2013

Don't miss out the fun ya!
Till then. ;)
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