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Jefferson @ Prangin Mall, Penang

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As a blogger, I write mostly about food, travel and events.
So for the first time ever, I am writing this fashion post.
Thankfully, my first fashion post was contributed by Jefferson!
I was being invited to write on their new Jefferson outlet in Prangin Mall, Penang.

Very catchy, big blue board of Jefferson!

Surprisingly, Jefferson was actually from Penang back in the 80s! *WOW*
They started as a small custom-tailor shop in Komtar Shopping Complex in Penang and progressively expanded to 12 outlets now in both East and West of Malaysia.
In the late 90s, Jefferson moved beyond custom tailoring to chain stores that provide unisex apparel.
They are actively involved in the fashion market with updated in-trend designs to cater all customers

The T-shirts corner. Very young and stylish.

Some fancy ones too!

And even shirts!

So much to see, so much to choose from!

Okay, enough with the introduction of Jefferson.

Let's see some of my photos okay? =p

I believe you have seen this in my Instagram. 
If you haven't, you know what you should do. =p

Starting with the casual outfit. Theme : Red. I love RED. HAHA. 

Nice right? =D
I need to jump out of typical engineer-boring-outfit.

~~Plain White JS Cap~~Zigzag Print T-shirt~~
~~Plain White Short Pants~~Red Shoe~~

They have a lot of fitting rooms! Don't need to wait at all!

Next : Wear like the Mannequin!

This was what I saw...

and this was how I look like!

Not too bad too right? =D

Next : Stylish Outfit

Hip hop style? lol Okay. RED again. HAHA

Ignore my silly face. I was way too awkward. >.<

Okay la. A bit SERIOUS one. 

I think this was the BEST so far!
~~Red White Cap~~Lucky 88 Red Jacket~~
~~Graphic T-shirts~~Skinny Fit Jeans~~Fancy Shoe~~

Last One : Formal Outfit

Plus a bit of fancy too.

~~Black Bow Tie~~White Shirt~~Blue Blazer~~
~~Anchor Print Pants~~Black Shoe with Neon Yellow Outline~~

Nobody pose like that right? HAHA
I seriously need to learn more face expressions!

I bet you seen this kind of pose a lot right...
This is the pose I was trying to mimic...

But ended up....

Face Problem. >.<

I have to say that it was quite an awkward but FUN session!
No wonder girls spend so much time in fitting room! Right?

The Jefferson outlet in Prangin Mall is really BIG and full of variety!
Personally, I think the price of the clothes is very AFFORDABLE too!
Instead of wearing my typical T-shirts and jeans, I'm gonna change my style!
I think I would opt for Jefferson the next time I go shopping. ;)


Let me show you a few things~~~

As long as I've got my Suit & Tie~~

Till then. ;)
Do check out their website :
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  1. aishehh! the hip hop style look not bad on u lehh!

    1. hahaha really? something new to me ya! haha

  2. ahaha not bad lah your pose
    didnt know they were frm penang wan hee

  3. the red casual one is not bad. so different look :)

  4. wow so yeng ah..i like the grey blazer!!

    1. i think that blazer actually is light blue! LOL

  5. Young looking attire! Nice one!

  6. nice blog n a lot great information :)

  7. Lol! Not bad not bad, can be model. HAHA! Anyway, cool blog you've got here! :)


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