Sunday, April 20, 2014

Calimocho @ The Wine Shop, Penang

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Thanks to Exclusivitea Sdn. Bhd. and The Wine Shop Penang,
I was being invited to the first ever Calimocho event at Penang.
I guess you are wondering what Calimocho means right?

Calimocho is a very popular Spanish Cocktail 
that is served during traditional "botellon" party!

In different countries, they would have a different name!
Argentina - Jesus Juice
South Africa - Katemba
Croatia - Bambus
Chile - Jote

Today, the Calimocho will be served with a twist of the premium Curiosity Cola from Fentimans mixed with Autorita Merlot of Chile.

A glass of Calimocho with the perfect combo of Curiosity Cola & Autorita Merlot.
This Spanish origin cocktail is a composition of both with the ratio of 1:1.
Imagine the fruity sourish Merlot combining with the fizzy sweet Curiosity Cola.
The outcome is rather refreshing with excellent taste!

Definitely a thirst-quencher on any hot day! 

This cocktail suitable to be served in anywhere!

Well what makes this Curiosity Cola special?
Curiosity Cola is a full-bodied and curiously invigorating botanically brewed soft drink
which revives the claims of the colas of yesteryear.

"The world's best cola!" - The Independent

You might not heard about this brand right?
Well, all the credit goes to Exclusivitea, a leading importer of premium beverages in Malaysia.
They supply only the finest products to all their premium customers 
which includes all the top hotels, resorts, fine restaurants and many more across the country.

For Penangites, you may enjoy all the exclusive drinks at The Wine Shop!

You can spend your sweet time the night after work or even on a weekend!
Gathering, meet up or some catch up would be great 
under a comfy environment with the great drinks.

You will never get bored of here!

Try the furtling!
Furtling - The use of ones hands to simulate or create 
the impression of anatomical features in a postcard or photograph. 
This practice was more commonly for entertainment purposes rather than overt sexual gratification.

Does this stimulates you? =p

Now, here comes the furtling! 
Looks alike huh! 

Trust me, I am as innocent as you are.
But never try never know!
At least get to learn a new word - Furtling!

Do check out the Calimocho ya! =D

15, Lintang Burma, 
10250 Penang.
Tel: 04-226 1824
Mon - Sat 9am - 1am
Sunday Closed. 

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  1. Last picture so funny.
    next time gonna try this

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