Monday, July 28, 2014

Recipes: Overnight Oatmeal

Henry Tan | 10:47 AM |
Recently I tried a healthy yet simple Overnight Oatmeal recipes.
So here are two types that I made :
1. Dragonfruit Overnight Oatmeal
2. Mango Overnight Oatmeal.

By the way, I just realized that I didn't post about recipe for such a long time!
My last recipe post :

Recipes: Mini Meat Floss Spring Roll

Okay so let's start!

This is the most basic ingredient : Milk and Rolled Oats.

Milk could be anytime as per your liking.
While rolled oats in major stores.
I bought it from Sunshine Square. =D

Typically, the ratio of milk to rolled oats would be 1:1.
Which means it would be half cup of rolled oats and half cup of milk.
But again, it is still up to you.
As long as the milk is enough to soak the oats.

Here's my Dragonfruit Overnight Oatmeal!

Look at the color! Absolutely delightful! =D

I have added with raisins!
If dragonfruit is not sweet enough, you could opt to add honey.

And my Mango Overnight Oatmeal!

Always use ripe mango as they would be sweet and soft!

After mixing all the ingredients together, leave it overnight in the fridge!
That makes a perfect breakfast meal! =D

That's all! That's how simple it is!

You don't really need a recipe!
All you need is creativity to mix and match! =D

Do try it out and let me know the outcome!
Recommend me some combinations that you think is yummy too!
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  1. Banana kiwi is nice too :D or grapes with kiwi. HAHAHA i was planning to blog abt overnight oats too!

    1. really? ok ok! i shall try that! thanks! hehe good good faster post and let me try!

  2. i think this overnight oatmeal is so in now. Many friends posted this in their insta. I would like to try this soon. Look perfect for a healthy breakfast!

    1. yuppp! definitely better than nasi lemak or roti canai in term of healthiness. hahaha

  3. I keep reading about overnight oatmeal but still have not tried it. I like oatmeal and this sounds so easy and healthy.


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