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Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet @ Juru Autocity, Penang

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Unlike KL, finding a Japanese Buffet in Penang is not easy.
But the first one to think of would definitely be Tao Cuisine!
They probably monopolized Penang market with one in Penang Times Square.
And the one I have visited located at Tao Juru Autocity - the 1-stop food hub!

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet 2014

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
This photo leads you here right? READ ON! =D
Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Walking up the stairs you will notice Tao signage!
Tao Juru Autocity located at upstairs of Nandos which is just beside Starbucks.
So it's not hard to find if you know where Starbucks is! 

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Looks like Zen-style interior design to me! 
With all the Christmas decorations right at the entrance,
Tao Juru Autocity definitely ready for Christmas already!

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity offers comfy tatami seats too!
Self service buffet section
Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
All are in individual serving size! 
These foods are ready for grab at the self service section.
Subsequently you may order through their big menu too!
We went on a gloomy day with cool breeze.

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Chawanmushi
The chef was very thoughtful to serve us with warm Chawanmushi and Miso soup.
It certainly helps to "warm up" our appetite! 

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Ko Ebi Karaage (Top) & Deep Fried Mantis Prawn (Bottom)
We started off with Zensai, which means appetizer.
The Zensai are usually some finger foods.

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Okonomiyaki (Top) & Gyoza (Bottom)
Okonomiyaki is the Japanese Pizza with Seafood & Assorted Vegetables.
Quite a special dish that you rarely can find elsewhere.
Meanwhile, I believe everyone would be very familiar with Gyoza.
The Pan Fried Minced Chicken Dumpling tastes good with the dipping sauce.

Next, we moved on to Age Mono or the Deep Fried food.

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Crabmeat Cream Cheese
Deep fried flour skin wrapper with stuffed crabmeat and cream cheese.
Crispy skins with surprised filling of soft smooth cream cheese inside.
It would be even better if there is more filling inside!
Or perhaps make it in smaller size, probably a bite-sized.

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Soft Shell Crab Karaage
Deep fried soft shell crab with assorted vegetables.
Crispy soft shell crab with sprinkles of spicy chili powder.
Gotta eat it while it's hot and crispy! Yum yum!

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Wakatori Karaage
Crispy Deep Fried Marinated Chicken with egg on top.
The chicken thigh was cut into small cube size.
Crunchy on the outside yet juicy in the inside! Delicious!

Next up, Yakimono or grilled and pan-fried dishes!

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Motoyaki Scallop
Baked scallop with spicy mayo.
Really spicy but you just have to shove out the scallop.

Tao Juru Autocity - Misoyaki
Tao Juru Autocity - Sanma Shioyaki
Next one would be Itame Mono or Stir Fried Dishes.

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Sake Hamaguri
Stir Fried Clam with Japanese Wine (Sake)
Looks like a normal dish that a Stir Fried stalls would sell right?
But with the Sake, it helps to bring out the freshness and sweetness of clams.

 Big succulent clams!
I like it BIG! Everyone likes BIG isn't it! XD *don't simply think*
It's tiring to eat those small small one, so these can absolutely satisfied you!
I'm sure you know what I mean. Haha

Here comes the Teppanyaki!

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Beef Bacon
Hotplate beef bacon with cream cheese & spring onion.
Chewy thin slice of beef bacon wrapping crunchy spring onion and cream cheese.
I love this very much! 

Next - Maki!

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Green Dragon Roll
Deep fried prawn, cucumber, kani, avocado and mango.
Not a avocado person but luckily mango covered the smell.
Another good dish with multi-textured of soft creamy avocado and crispy prawn.

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Sushi Moriawase
Here comes the AWESOME Sashimi Moriawase!

Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet Juru Autocity
Tao Juru Autocity - Sashimi Moriawase

And many many more! So much that I just could not cover all!
So as usual, the best way to uncover by yourself is to try it out!
Be it any celebration or farewell, Tao Juru Autocity will be a good choice!
Here are some of the info that you might want to know.

Operating Hours:
Lunch - 12pm - 4pm
RM53++ per pax (Mon - Fri)
RM56++ per pax (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)

Dinner - 5.30pm - 10.30pm
RM56++ per pax (Mon - Thurs)
Early Bird dine in before 6.30pm DISCOUNT 10%

Dinner - 5.30pm - 11pm
RM56++ per pax (Fri - Sun, Eve & Public Hol)

Children charges are according to height measurement:
Below 90cm - FREE
90cm - 140cm - Half Price
140cm & above - Adult Price

For Reservation:
Tel: 604 - 5017826
Fax: 604 - 5017826

1820-f1 & 1822-f1, 
Jalan Perusahaan Autocity, 
North South Highway, Juru Interchange, 
13600, Prai, Penang.

Other Japanese Buffet in Penang:

Miraku Japanese Restaurant @ G Hotel, Penang

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  1. walao eh....early morning u ask me come in and read this ar?

    1. hahaha syok la early morning read this! appetizing mah! =p

  2. The food is so delicious and mouthwatering! i love them all esp the Motoyaki Scallop that looks like tarts! LOL.. I hope to visit Japan again soon. How come you hardly update your nice blogs?

    1. haha i know right! well now consider quite frequent already. haha ;)

  3. Hi there! Thanks for commenting in my blog. ^^

    I love Japanese food too. Now Japanese outlets are mushrooming in Kuching but still, not all are nice. I love teppayaki, soft shell crabs and sashimi the most.

    1. yuppp mushrooming everywhere! i wonder if malaysian food can ever be that popular in other countries. haha

  4. I used to be very love TAO, but nowaday cannot eat much d, so seldom go d....but the food quite nice :)

    1. yup haha. well just choose on those specific food to eat then! haha

  5. Been there but never realize they have self-service counter and the Sashimi Moriawase!!! How come zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. hahaha Autocity one also? haha well next time ask for it! =D

  6. The Sashimi Moriwase looks so majestic!

  7. Beautiful!!! I had a ship like that too at our reunion dinner - yesterday's post in my blog.

    1. haha why so good one your reunion dinner! next time i go find you also must got a ship ya! XD

  8. I love Tao at Juru Auto City too. I have been a couple to times and I never get enough. Only that, I am on diet now, I must forbid myself from going there now.

    1. hahaha i know right! so much that it is so sinful! >.<

  9. I love to eat Japanese food but have not been to the Tao Japanese restaurant in Klang valley. These food in your photo really seems delicious!

    1. well klang valley got too many other options like jogoya, tenji etc etc. well next time can try Tao and see! ;)

  10. Omg it looks delicious, I'm starving so much right now LOL


    1. haha Tao serves delicious food! great that's my purpose. ;)

  11. Everything looks so good mate! :)

    I particularly like the baked scallop with spicy mayo. I've actually been here during my last trip to Penang but not the one in Autocity, I think they have another outlet in Georgetown.

    1. yup they do have another one in Penang Times Square! =D


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