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Giveaway + Food Gallery @ Penang Times Square

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Food Gallery is actually a food court located in Penang Times Square. I believe you all are quite familiar with Penang Times Square, but do you aware of their Food Gallery? If you don't, then you have clicked in the right place. ;) 

According to the boss of Food Gallery, they have actually revamped the entire food court after they took over. To us, the foods which Food Gallery offers are relatively different as compared to many of those in other Penang Shopping Malls. Well, we will show you that later, as now we are going to talk about their steamboat first! :D As mentioned in our Facebook Page earlier, we are going to disclose the place for Steamboat lovers where you can get good taste with affordable price, so here it is! (end of this post, we will show you how to get the RM30 cash vouchers for Food Gallery :D)

Yes, you guess it right, it is one of the stalls of Food Gallery

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Sauces and spices corner
Here're the steamboat ingredients, round plate is for 2-pax, while square plate is for 4-pax . 

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
 2-pax 【RM39.90】; 4-pax 【RM59.90】
If the set ingredients cannot satisfy you, here're side dishes for you to add-on or to order separately according to your liking. All are fresh and the portion is just right for that price! 

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Fresh Steamboat Ingredients
Sauce is an essential part for steamboat too! They serve variety of sauce for you to choose, a lot means really a lot, there're more than 20 types of sauces and spices, which are FOC! You can get as much as you like ;)

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Over 20 types of spices and sauces
Okay, here you are! The steamboat we shared in our Facebook Page :D
This is pork soup based, the soup was a bit plain initially, but as it cooks longer, it tastes richer. It goes well with the ingredients as it is not too strong to cover the original taste of the foods and it is acceptable to those who don't like pork (ME!), because it doesn't have that kind of pork aroma which people are afraid of.

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Pork Soup based
As you can see from the picture, they use real pig bones to cook the soup! I believe we all experienced the annoyance after eating steamboat, the feeling of THIRST! I hate that, don't you? The boss is so kind-hearted that he stressed on wanting to make sure their customers won't feel any thirsty after eating their steamboat. I could say this is a very important point, as I buy it :D

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Real Pig Bones
We also tried their tomyam based steamboat, this is what some of the bloggers that day preferred. But to a tomyam lover, I am quite particular on the sweetness, sourish and spiciness of the tomyam soup. Thus, this is too plain to my liking. However, this is still my own preference. As an overall, with the genuineness and the price, it is absolutely worth for visit!

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Tomyam Soup Based
Alright, enough for the steamboat. As Food Gallery also serve lots of different kind of good foods. (Oops, sorry..I forgot to show you how the place looks like.) Well, the Food Gallery has indoor air-conditioned seats as well as comfy outdoor seats. To us, the place is clean, comfortable, and they provide the vital element in this era - FREE WIFI, and the line was good! :D

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square

Like those food courts, Food Gallery practice self-service. It comprising of over 500 type of foods, so it's impossible we could try each and every one. Thus, we are so honoured to have the boss to pick a few remarkable ones!

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Food Gallery Interior

Herbal Soups? Yes, we can rarely find it in shopping mall food courts but we can find it here! Everyone knows it is nutritious but it requires long time to cook, so why not just buy it from Food Gallery? I like the Shen Xu Chicken Soup the most, it doesn't have strong herbal taste, but it leaves sweet aftertaste. We finished the soup in just a few minutes after it is served! Perhaps it is due to drinking hot herbal soup under air-conditioned will give you extra feeling of warmth. ;) 

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
药材鸭腿汤 Herbal Duck Soup【RM10】
Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
洋参须鸡腿汤 Shen Xu Chicken Soup【RM10】
Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
八珍鸡腿汤 Ba Zhen Chicken Soup【RM10】
For Japanese Cuisine cravers, you can try their Japanese Teppanyaki. The boss served us 3 types of teppanyaki, the salmon teppanyaki is refreshing with the salads but a bit too dry to our liking, I would prefer it to be more juicy. The Garlic Teppanyaki Chicken tastes like caramel popcorn to me somehow (O.O).

蒜香铁板烧鸡肉 Garlic Teppanyaki Chicken【RM12.90 (set) | RM9 (ala carte)】
日式照烧三文鱼 Teriyaki Salmon【RM18.90 (set) | RM15 (ala carte)】
味曾三文鱼 Miso Salmon【RM18.90 (set) | RM15 (ala carte)】
*Set = Teriyaki Vegie + Rice + Soup

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Japanese Teppanyaki

Of course, you can have local cuisines at Food Gallery too! The dumpling noodle and wantan noodle are cooked with duck sauce and serve with their special Hong Kong style chili, which is different from what we normally get from hawker stalls. Personally, I like the Dan Dan Mee, the mince pork sauce is nice and noodle is springy but Char Koay Teow is a bit plain to my liking, and some of them commented too salty. The good side is the prawns are quite big, hahax! 

水饺面 Dumpling Noodle【RM6.90】
云吞面 Wantan Noodle【RM6.90】
海鲜炒粿条 Seafood  Char Koay Teow【RM6.90】
猪肉碎担担面 Dan Dan Mee with Mince Pork【RM7.90】

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Local foods

Western Food lovers? Don't worry, Food Gallery serves burger and chips too! Most of you might quite familiar with the brand New York Burger. The thick charcoal bread buns were toasted fresh from oven with juicy well-seasoned chicken and crunchy lettuce, serve with chips. Yes, to a food court standard, this is definitely above average. 

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Broadway (burger + fries)【RM9.90】
Their Pepperoni Pizza is surprisingly taste not bad, as small pizza tends to over-cooked easily but the bread is still soft, and it is mini enough for you to be able to try other foods :D

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Pepperoni Pizza (personal) 【RM8.90】
Talking about beverages in Food Gallery, most of the bloggers ordered fresh fruit juice,  so as usual, I like to be a little different, or I should say "if you are meant to stand out, why fit in?" :P Haha, just kidding. Anyway, I'm still don't get the coffee art on my cappuccino >.<"

 Hot Chocolate【RM5】
 Juice【RM3.90 (small) | RM5.90 (big)】

Food Gallery, Penang Times Square
Food Gallery Beverages

So that's all for our experience at Food Gallery! And it's time for us to reward you, our beloved readers to enjoy the foods at Food Gallery by yourselves! We are giving out 3 cash vouchers worth RM 30 each.  

GIVEAWAY : 3 X RM30 Voucher

Here's how to win:

2. Share this Giveaway blogpost in Facebook with caption "I want to win #iblogmywaygiveaway" (Make sure the Facebook post is open to Public)

3. Comment on this Giveaway blogpost (scroll down), so that I know you are participating! ;)

1. Giveaway is from 14/1/2015 to 22/1/2015
2. Giveaway is only Open to Participants Residing in Penang
3. THREE winners will be randomly selected from the eligible entries. 
4. Make sure you follow I Blog My Way, as the announcement will be made there.

77-4B-1, Penang Times Square, 
Jalan Dato Keramat, 
10150 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 4-226 4100

Business Hour
Food Gallery : 11:30am –  9pm (daily)
Dream Land Fashion Bazaar : 11am – 9pm (daily)

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  1. Wahhh I also want. But too bad I'm staying at Klang T_______________T Got good and bad for each placeeee.

    1. hahaha i know right! is okayyyy you can come next time! ;)

  2. omg that wanton look so big and plump!!so delicious leh!

  3. Looks good. That duck soup got me drooling. I love duck! I don;t think they had this place when I went to this mall a long time ago...when it first opened. Nothing much then.

    1. yupppp the new management revamped and try to it up! =D

  4. Replies
    1. oppsss too bad! it's okay wait for next giveaway! =D

  5. WAH ! Ini ho liao!!! hahaha. Quite affordable also le! :) will try it out one day!

    Read on my latest blog post: Don't Quit

    1. haha join the giveaway la! then u can go try for free ad! =D

  6. Waaaahhhh...unlucky me since I think these kind of foods is non-halal one. I cannot join. :p
    BTW, great effort from you to share the taste via this GA.

  7. Wow, yummy food again, why I say again as we went there very often years ago but slowly , one by one the stalls closed , ended up nothing much to eat, so we stopped going there ! Nice to hear it reopen again !

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